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Graduate Student Credit Load Policy

Section Title:Academic
Policy Number:300-VV
Policy Name:Graduate Student Credit Load Policy
Approval Authority:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Executive:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost
Date Adopted:January 2016


Graduate students in good academic standing may enroll for up to the maximum course load per semester or cohort term as defined by the individual graduate program.

Reason for Policy

To specify the number of credits in which graduate students may enroll.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Graduate students and graduate program directors

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Office of the Provost: 201-684-7532


Graduate Student Credit Load

Each graduate program director will recommend to the dean of the school that houses the program the maximum number of credits per semester or cohort term. The dean will communicate that decision to the Registrar.

  1. Permission to exceed the course load limit must be secured from the Graduate Program Director, who will communicate the information to the Registrar.
  2. Graduate students on academic probation should discuss their course loads with their Graduate Program Directors prior to registration.
  3. Graduate students with student loans should discuss their course loads with the Office of Financial Aid prior to registration.
  4. Non-degree students may only take up to two courses. To take additional courses, students must be admitted to a program.