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General-Education Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

Section Title:Academic Affairs
Policy Number:300-U
Policy Name:General-Education Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
Approval Authority:President's Cabinet
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Provost/VPAA
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost/VPAA
Date Adopted:February 2012
Date Revised:September 2020



All Ramapo College students must complete the general-education requirements in reading and writing as well as mathematics by the time that they have earned 64 credit hours.

Reason for Policy

To ensure that Ramapo College students have the appropriate reading, writing, and mathematics skills to succeed in upper-level courses.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

To all Ramapo College students

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Procedure for General Education Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

Prior to pre-registration each regular semester, any student who has not yet earned credit for Critical Reading and Writing II and/or general education mathematics will receive an e-mail reminding him or her of the requirements and the following procedure.

When a student attempts to create, or to make an adjustment to, a schedule in Banner web self-services, Banner will determine if the student’s earned plus enrolled and pre-registered credits equal or exceed 64 credits and if the student has completed or is currently enrolled in, or pre-registered for, Critical Reading and Writing II and general education mathematics.

If the total relevant credits equal or exceed 64, and if the student has not completed or is not currently enrolled in, or pre-registered for, Critical Reading and Writing II and/or general-education mathematics, Banner will prevent the schedule creation or adjustment and generate a message notifying the student that he or she must pre-register for one or both of those courses, as applicable,  or will otherwise not be allowed to continue to create or adjust the schedule.

Once a student registers for the relevant course(s), the student will be free to make appropriate schedule adjustments.

Incoming test scores may require a student to take Foundations of Critical Reading and Writing (CRWT 080/090), Critical Reading and Writing I (CRWT 101), and/or developmental mathematics prior to taking the corresponding general education courses. In this case, the student should register for CRWT 080 or 090, CRWT 101, and/or developmental mathematics, as applicable, in his/her first semester at Ramapo College. Incoming first-year students will be prepackaged into the appropriate course(s) as long as courses are available. A student who does not complete those courses, as applicable, prior to reaching 64 credits must register for them prior to registering for the corresponding general-education course(s) as described above. That is, Banner will block registration until the student places the appropriate course(s) in his/her schedule. Banner will continue to block students every semester until they have finally successfully completed Critical Reading and Writing II and general education mathematics.

A student may appeal this policy. If the student has a declared major, the student appeals to his or her faculty advisor. Only in extraordinary circumstances will the faculty advisor recommend that a student delay registering for one or both courses to the student’s Dean, who makes the final determination. If the student does not have a declared major, the student appeals to the  AVP of Student Success, who makes the recommendation to the Vice Provost.

A student who is an enrolled and approved member of a New Jersey statewide initiative cohort, such as “NJ Come Home,” and who transfers in the maximum number of credits but, upon transfer evaluation, has not met Ramapo’s requirements for Critical Reading and Writing II and general education mathematics is advised to consult with their advisor and register to complete the outstanding requirements in their first semester of residency at Ramapo. Banner will place an Advisement Hold on a student each semester thereafter until they have successfully completed the Critical Reading and Writing II and general education mathematics coursework.