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Course Deletion

Section Title:Academic
Policy Number:300-B1
Policy Name:Course Deletion
Approval Authority:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Executive:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost
Date Adopted:September 2016


Ramapo College provides a curriculum that is current and that meets the needs and interests of our students. To that end, courses will periodically be deleted from the Ramapo College Catalog.

Reason for Policy

To delineate the process whereby courses are deleted from the Course Catalog.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

Ramapo College academic administrators, faculty, and students.

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Office of the Provost: 201-684-7532



Course Deletion Procedure


Every July the registrar’s office will provide the dean of each school with a list of courses that appear in the current college catalog, have not been taught over the previous four years, and are not scheduled to be taught in the following year. The deans will transmit this information to the relevant major conveners who, upon consultation with the convening group faculty, must make one of two recommendations about each course:


  1. the course should be scheduled and taught at least once in the following two academic years;


  1. the course should be deleted from the catalog.


Recommendations must be received by the dean before October 1.


The dean will either accept or reject each recommendation. If the course is not to be taught in the following two academic years then a Course Deletion Form will be completed by the dean and sent to the registrar’s office for communication and disposition.