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Convener Resources

The convening group is the primary academic and curricular unit at Ramapo, functioning in lieu of the traditional department. A convening group is comprised of faculty teaching in the particular major, minor, or program, and reports to a Dean. Some convening groups are disciplinary while others are interdisciplinary. Faculty may be from one school or from several.

A full convener job description and a listing of all conveners appears below.

Convener Job Description (PDF)

List of Conveners

Majors Offered/Conveners – Academic Year 2020-2023

Major: Accounting
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: T. Burns

Major: Africana Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: D.Colman & K. Johnson

Major: American Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: S. Rice

Major: Biochemistry
School: TAS
Conveners/Location:  S. Anderson

Major: Bioinformatics
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: P. Bagga

Major: Biology
School: TAS
Conveners/Location:  W. Mitchell

Major: Chemistry
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: R. Mentore

Major: Communications Arts
School: CA
Conveners/Location:  K. Dolak

Major: Computer Science
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: V. Miller

Major: Contemporary Arts
School: CA
Conveners/Location: R. Clark

Major: Data Science
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: A. Beecher

Major: Economics
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: Tim Haase – Fall 22 / Jason Hecht – Spring 23

Major: Elementary Education
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: TBD

Major: Engineering Physics
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: C. Martin

Major: English & Literary Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: J. Hoch & H. Sheehy

Major: Environmental Science
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: . E. Rainforth

Major: Environmental Studies
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: A. Vasishth

Major: Finance
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: Tim Haase – Fall 22 / Jason Hecht – Spring 23

Major: History
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: S. Taranto & S. Mustafa

Major: Information Technology Management
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: T. Burns

Major: Integrated Science Studies
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: E. Rainforth

Major: International Business
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: C. Chung

Major: International Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: E. Castellanos

Major: Law & Society
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: S. Padhy

Major: Humanities & Global Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: P. Kayaalp

Major: Management
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: R. Abzug

Major: Marketing
School: ASB
Conveners/Location: C. Chung

Major: Mathematics
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: D. McFeron

Major: Music
School: CA
Conveners/Location: G. Cohen

Major: Nursing
School: TAS
Conveners/Location: K. Burke

Major: Philosophy
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: L. Cassidy

Major: Political Science
School: HGS
Conveners/Location:  D. Chen

Major: Psychology
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: S. Ishak

Major: Social Science
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: E. Leskinen

Major: Social Work
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: E. Klein

Major: Sociology
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: E. Augis

Major: Spanish Language Studies
School: HGS
Conveners/Location: N. Santamaria-Laorden

Major: Sustainability
School: SSHS
Conveners/Location: A. Vasishth

Major: Theater
School: CA
Conveners/Location: M. Vail

Major: Visual Arts
School: CA
Conveners/Location: Y. del Amo


Graduate Program Directors:

Master of Business Administration
Juan Cabrera- Director

Master of Data Science
Scott Frees

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Music Technology
Brian Neill

Master of Science in Accounting
Constance Crawford – Director

Master of Science in Contemporary Instructional Design
Timothy Casperson – Director

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
TBD – Director

Master of Science in Nursing
Kathleen M. Burke – Director

Master of Social Work
Kathleen Ray – Director

Master of Arts in Special Education
Julie Norflus-Good –  Director

Graduate 4+1 Program Directors:

Constance Crawford

Data Science
Scott Frees

Special Education
Julie Norflus-Good




Adjunct Resources

Ramapo values its adjunct instructors and consider them an integral part of the learning
process. At the beginning of each year an orientation is held for all new and returning adjuncts
to keep them apprised of the latest college policies and procedures.

To teach courses offered by an academic unit, the minimum academic qualification is a Master’s degree in a relevant field. Exceptions may be made by the Provost upon recommendation of the Dean. (Board of Trustees Policy #603).

  • Adjunct Degree Enrollment Verification ( DOC ) ( PDF )
  • Adjunct Degree Letter ( DOC ) ( PDF )