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Joost Monen I encourage each student to look beyond the next semester, figure out his/her long-term goals, and take appropriate steps to plan for his/her future. Aneisha Burgess My advisor has motivated me to push during hard times to meet my goals. I've never met a person who was so genuine and willing to help their students. Rachel Budin When I regularly meet with students for advisement, we discuss how best to fulfill their college goals and their future professional/career goals. Mehnaz Ladha My advisor not only guides her advisees through their academic career, but also helps them find internships that will prepare them for their professional career. With years of experience in the industry, she is an excellent resource for all her advisees. Ashwani Vasishth Good advisement can just about double the value of your degree program. Karlito Almeda My advisor has been a tremendous resource in aiding my development as a historian and a student. He is consistently open and available to everyone, gives great advice, and cares about the well-being of his students. He has helped me develop strong critical thinking skills. Tae Yang Kwak As a liberal arts college focused on undergraduate education, Ramapo College students have every opportunity to seek advising from both their formal advisors as well as faculty and staff at large. This is one of our greatest strengths. Joost Monen Rachel Budin Ashwani Vasishth Tae Yang Kwak


The Center for Student Success

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Fledge discovers academic success at Ramapo College.

Who is my Advisor?

Your assigned academic advisor can be identified by accessing your Network in Connect:

Your advisor assignment is updated during the first month of each semester.

First-Year and Undeclared Students

Academic advisors in the Center for Student Success advise all first-year students and students that haven’t declared a major.

Declared Students

Declared students are students who have officially identified their major or course of study with the Registrar. Students who declared a major and earned 32 or more credits are assigned to a faculty advisor within their specific schools at the beginning of their second year. Contact information for each school is listed below:

Anisfield School of Business
Office: ASB-333
Phone: (201) 684-7378

School of Humanities and Global Studies
Office: B-224
Phone: (201) 684-7406

School of Contemporary Arts
Office: BC-237
Phone: (201) 684-7365

School of Social Science and Human Services
Office: ASB-431
Phone: (201) 684-7625

School of Theoretical and Applied Science
Office: ASB-422
Phone: (201) 684-7734


Faculty Members / Advisors by School