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School Liaisons

Reach out to our school liaisons for assistance.


Anisfield School of Business (ASB) and Ramapo Exploration Program (Undeclared)

Jessica Steinheimer headshot

Jessica Steinheimer

(201) 684-7438

About Jessica

Jessica has been with Ramapo since 2015 and has experience working with students of all majors and backgrounds, but now serves as the liaison for the Anisfield School of Business. Her career in higher education began in community colleges, so she has a passion for helping non-traditional students like transfers and adult learners also. She strives to help students find their own path to success, asking them the right questions and providing them the right tools to make good choices about their education.


School of Contemporary Arts (CA) and School of Humanities and Global Studies

Paola Guevara headshot

Paola Guevara

(201) 684-7483

About Paola

Paola is a proud first-generation alumnus who strives to support Ramapo’s students through proactive academic advisement. She emphasizes active listening and creating a safe and supportive space for students to succeed in their academic journey. Her background is in social work, having completed her BSW and MSW at Ramapo. Paola is bilingual and fluent in Spanish to support English Language Learners.

School of Social Science and Human Services (SSHS)

Megan Greer

(201) 684-7497

About Megan

Megan Greer is is a Ramapo alumnus, having earned her Master of Social Work from Ramapo. She has a passion for social justice and creating a safe space for all students. Her social work values along with her passion for helping others support her in her enterprising academic advisement. She guides students by asking open-ended questions and provides them with the knowledge and information they need to help them succeed.


School of Theoretical and Applied Science (TAS) and Ramapo Exploration Program (Undeclared)

Caitlyn Campbell

(201) 684-7008

About Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a proud Ramapo alumnnus, having earned both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master of Social Work from Ramapo. Her values and background equip her with a holistic perspective of student success and support her student-centered approach to advising. She is dedicated to challenging social injustice and advocating for the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion within higher education. Caitlyn enjoys advising students across a wide array of disciplines, and currently serves as the Student Success liaison to the School of Theoretical and Applied Sciences.



If a student is undeclared, they should contact the Center for Student Success for advisement at (201)684-7441 or via email at