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Juan F. Cabrera, Ph.D., CFA®

MBA Program Director
Associate Professor of Finance

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Arrlette Espinal

MBA Graduate Program Coordinator

Ramapo College of New Jersey
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International Immersion Experience

Thanks to the internet, the marketplace is truly global. Whether you are working at a start-up or Fortune 500 company, being internationally savvy and culturally sensitive is no longer a nice-to-have skill. It’s a requirement for every successful manager and company.

Learning from a textbook is quite different than having a firsthand, on the ground, experience. Below are some pictures and excerpts from our students after returning from a trip to China.

Professor Li,

I don’t think I could ever properly convey my sincere gratitude for the trip to China that I just experienced. This was a once in a lifetime 

trip and it was only made possible by the countless hours you have spent to make it perfect for us. Never in my lifetime did I think I’d go to China and experience city living in both Beijing and Shanghai. This opportunity has given me a new understanding for the world that we all share.

Without someone as knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking as yourself, this trip would have never been possible. Your deep rooted connections in China, coupled with your drive and energy make this trip educational, insightful and truly fascinating. No one puts in as much time, effort and passion as you do for their graduate class! Each day of the trip was packed with interesting meetings, negotiating in the markets, climbing the Great Wall, visiting GM and Baosteel, exploring the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven – my expectations were topped with each passing day!

I will never forget this trip and all that I have learned for as long as I live – and I owe that to all to you! Thank you for giving the students of Ramapo College this once-in-a-lifetime experience! You are an incredible woman and Ramapo is so lucky to have you! Thank you! – Jen ‘18

Hi Professor Li,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the program you put together for our immersion trip. I find myself at a loss for words explaining to my parents about our experience. It was absolutely unbelievable. Rewarding and educational are two perfect words to describe it, as you mentioned yesterday.

I am so grateful to have had a professor like you who is so intrinsically motivated, passionate and enthusiastic about sharing knowledge. Thank you again. Gānbēi! – Jess ‘18

Professor Li,

Thank you so very much for the experience of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your connections with us. Thank you for showing us Chinese culture and history. Thank you for walking so very fast so that we could see so many things each and every day. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for encouraging us to be open minded and encouraging us to learn and embrace different culture. Most of all, thank you for changing my perspective and my point of view.

I am forever grateful for everything and I will never, ever forget my experience in China.  I will never forget the history, the culture, the few Chinese words that I learned, and I will never, ever forget the wonderful people that I met. I never laughed so much in one week of my life. It is impossible to put into words all the feelings I have regarding my China experience. I cannot thank you enough. I am sad that it ended, I miss it already and I miss spending time with the class and you! Thank you for all that you did and continue to do, Professor. – Kristy Skeens ‘17


I’m sure you have heard this before but you truly have an asset in the China trip and with Professor Li. Professor Li truly is an amazing professor who gave us a 20 month education in 9 days.

You can do an even better job selling the program because of the education, knowledge, and experience is like no other. From everything that we have learned in our first year to seeing it displayed in China is a once in a lifetime experience. I am forever in Rampo’s debt with a wealth of knowledge and memories of a lifetime. Thanks again. – Matt ‘17

Hello Professor Li,

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in making our China trip a complete success. It takes a lot to organize and structure the itinerary and most importantly to abide by the schedule. You did a phenomenal job and I truly appreciate all your guidance during our China Immersion trip. It was indeed a great learning experience along with a great exposure to the entire Chinese culture while being an eye opener to the country’s remarkable history. 

I truly will treasure this experience in the forthcoming years as this is one of the most memorable trips that I have ever had. Thanks a bunch for making this a successful venture. – Gurneet ‘16

Meet Dr. Huping Li, organizer of the Immersion Trip.

Huiping Li
Professor of International Business

Year Joined RCNJ: 2006
Phone: (201) 684-7343
Office: ASB-508
Office Hours: Spring 2021 (Virtual): Mon 4-5pm; Thurs 4-6pm