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4+1 B.S. to MBA

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Ramapo College Office of Graduate Admissions

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4+1 B.S. to MBA

Ramapo College offers students the ability to begin their MBA careers as soon as they finish their undergraduate degree. Students can join the MBA program the semester after their last undergraduate course is complete (including the summer term). In fact, non-business undergraduate students can take up to two 500-level MBA courses while they are completing their undergraduate studies.

The MBA program allows students to complete all program requirements in as little as 12 months. This is especially true for students with a business undergraduate degree as they are granted Advanced Standing and receive a waiver for 12 credits of course work. Students with a non-business undergraduate degree may still complete the program in just 16 months (please note that students granted Advanced Standing are not eligible to take MBA courses as undergraduate students).


Business Majors 4+1 (College senior or recent graduate)

  • 30 credit program, can be completed in as little as 12 months or set your own pace
  • Fall, spring and summer enrollment opportunities
  • Choose three electives and create your own specialization
  • Evening classes on campus in Mahwah, New Jersey, and/or online.



4+1 Track Curriculum

RCNJ 4+1 Track Sample Schedule (Summer Start)*) - Business Majors

Summer – 6 credits

  • MBA Elective #1 (3 credits)
    MBA Elective #2 (3 credits)

Fall – 12 credits

Spring – 12 credits


MBA Advanced Standing

MBA Advanced Standing Sample Schedule (Fall Start)

MBA Advanced Standing Sample Schedule (Fall Start)

Fall: 12-Credits

Spring: 9-Credits

Summer: 6-Credits

  • MBA Elective #1 (3 credits)
  • MBA Elective #2 (3 credits)
  • MBA Elective #3 (3 credits)