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Gain Real World Experience

mba program njThe Capstone Consulting Project pairs you with a team, a real company and an actual business problem to better develop your professional interactions and skillset. Over the duration of the 10-week program, you and your team will work with your assigned company to provide an in-depth analysis and solution which will be presented at the end of the program in a professional setting. The out-of-classroom setting will allow you to work with company employees and business managers and to present your findings at the end of the project. 

Apply What You’ve Learned

The Capstone Consulting Project will allow you to apply the theories you’ve learned in the classroom to a real business situation. The hands-on experience you gain will directly correlate to the business environment and other business projects. If you already hold a current position, this project will broaden your experience. If you’re still searching for a job, you will be able to show the hiring manager that you’ve operated in a real world business setting and have the first-hand knowledge and solutions to apply to the position you are interviewing for.

Develop Your Portfolio

The work you do with your company could be used as part of your portfolio when applying to future positions. Once completed, you will have a real-world business challenge to present and be able to discuss how you and your team analyzed the situation and provided solutions – allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

Learn To Work With A Team

The Capstone Consulting Project provides an opportunity to experience working with a professional team and having to collaborate and negotiate to include the ideas of others. Learning to compromise and work together is a great professional skill that will help you be a valuable team member and employee throughout your career.