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On-Campus Resources

The following resources can provide you with important information as you prepare for international travel, or are currently traveling outside of the United States:

Roukema Center for International Education (RCIE)

  • Faculty/Staff Training on International Group Travel
  • Pre-departure Orientations for Individuals or Groups
  • Safety & Security Evaluation
  • Risk Mitigation & Contingency Planning
  • Lists of countries reviewed by the RCNJ International Risk Assessment Committee (IRAC)

Office of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning

  • Emergency Communication Protocol
  • Assistance with Continuity of Instruction

Office of General Counsel

  • Contract / Agreement Review
  • Development of Forms, Waivers, etc.

Office of Employee Relations

  • Ethics review

Office of Accounts Payable

  • Encumbrance of funds for travel
  • Travel funds reimbursement

Office of Public Safety

  • Provide a list of travelers, dates, locations and emergency contacts
  • Report an incident / emergency
  • Clery Reporting

Office of Affirmative Action and Workplace Compliance / Title IX Office

  • Report an incident of discrimination, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or sexual assault

Center for Health & Counseling Services

  • Support and guidance for matters of physical or mental health, alcohol or drug abuse and other related matters