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International Risk Assessment Committee (IRAC)

Committee Charge

The International Risk Assessment Committee reviews all sponsored international locations where Ramapo College has sponsored activities.  The committee will assess health, safety and security at each location. The charge of committee is to review, assess and make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet as it relates to potential and real risks in locations of Ramapo College’s international activities. Committee meetings occur on a monthly basis, unless a situation warrants an ad-hoc meeting.

Committee Membership

Committee members have been appointed to the committee as a result of their professional expertise.  Committee membership is ongoing given the unique experience of the members unless noted otherwise below.

Committee members will include:

  • Director of International Education (Co-Chair): will provide the committee with information retrieved from relevant sources (i.e. OSAC,, CDC, who etc).
  • Academic Dean (to be rotated every 2 years): the Deans will provide insight into the academic content of the program begin reviewed. They may also be asked to review and/or identify alternate programs for consideration should the recommendation of the committee be to not travel to the program location under review.  (Note: all Deans are welcome to attend, in addition there will be one designated per cycle).
  • Controller: advise the committee on the associated financial risks and exposures and provides recommendations regarding the programs under review.
  • Director of Business Continuity/Emergency Planning (Co-Chair): provides the committee with information on best practices, activities that have been monitored at other institutions and/or by the state dept and OSAC. Along with the Director of International Education is a resource for researching additional information at the request of the team.
  • Employee Relations: provides the committee with information relevant to faculty contracts and the institution’s responsibility as it relates to the faculty member, cancellation of program and/or alternate recommendations.
  • Student Affairs: provides information for student activities sponsored programs and assistance supporting and communicating with students.
  • Human Resources: is a resource for employment related issues and support that results from the committee’s decision and recommendations.
  • Faculty (2 positions that are to be rotated every 2 years): provide guidance in international academic programming and curriculum
  • Assistant Dean of Nursing: advise on health-related risks

Each committee member will contribute their expertise and resulting report for inclusion in the decision document to be presented to the cabinet detailing actions taken, facts reviewed and the committee recommendation.


Upon completion of country analysis, IRAC will make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet for approval. They are as follows:

  • Proceed – proceed with currently agreed upon activity development
  • Proceed with caution – proceed, however additional information and review will be required
  • Do Not Proceed – at the present moment it is not recommended to proceed with this activity. Should the risk situation change, the committee will consider a future review.

On-Going Monitoring

There will on-going monitoring of potential risks by the International Risk Assessment Committee, the sponsoring unit and the Roukema Center for International Education.