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Health Services / Assumption of Costs

Health Services provides diagnostic and primary health care for a wide variety of illnesses as well as education and prevention services to all enrolled students. Nurse Practitioners and a collaborating Physician staff it. The Nurse Practitioner (APN) coordinates office services and works independently according to state law and the scope of practice. Some services do have a fee associated, such as flu vaccine, medications and pregnancy testing.
If a student requires non-emergency medical attention when Health Services is closed, you can see a community medical provider. Locally there are several urgent care type facilities conveniently located to Ramapo College of NJ.
Assumption of Costs: If using a community provider the College will not assume financial responsibility. The student and/or family are responsible for all associated costs which may be paid by insurance or personal funds.
In the case of an emergency, your only option is to go to the emergency department of a local hospital. If you believe that you have a condition that cannot wait until Health Services is open, call Public Safety at 201-684-6666 or x 6666 or dial 9-911. Public Safety will immediately respond to your location. The Mahwah Police and an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Unit will also respond. EMS is staffed with certified emergency medical technicians. EMS will assess your condition and transport you by ambulance to the local emergency room. The student is responsible for all associated costs.
Health Services is NOT an Emergency Department and cannot provide the level of care that Emergency Departments do provide. Invasive procedures and emergencies are referred to community providers, local hospitals or local health care facilities. It may be medically necessary to have a student seek more definitive care at the Emergency Department or with a local specialist. The student is responsible for all associated costs.