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Program Eligibility


Ramapo College seeks out the very best students for it’s Educational Opportunity Fund Program.

Eligible applicants are admitted to the college through the EOF Program. Admits must be highly motivated students generally enrolled in college preparatory programs, maintaining a B- or better academic average, and top half or better class rank.

The EOF Program is also committed to offering community college students the opportunity to continue their studies as they opt to complete a four-year degree. There is special interest in enrolling community college graduates with strong academic records.

First year and transfer applicants must meet academic and financial eligibility requirements for admission to the EOF Program. Academic eligibility requirements vary from program to program and students should ascertain program specific information on academic eligibility requirements. Financial eligibility requirements are the same for all EOF Programs and are based on the size of the household and family income.

EOF transfer applicants are required to submit the EOF Student Transfer Form or an EOF transfer form from your current institution’s EOF Office to be reviewed for EOF. If you are not enrolled into the EOF Program at your current institution, contact the EOF Office at 201-684-7542 to learn about transfer options.

First Year Students

Applicants admitted to the EOF Program must complete a placement test administered by the college. It is required that the placement test is taken prior to enrollment in the Summer Studies Institute. The on-line test is called the Accuplacer, and it is an computer-based testing instrument. There are several tests that are a part of Accuplacer- reading comprehension test, arithmetic test, elementary algebra test, and an essay. Testing is administered by the college’s Office of Testing and Placement.

Although SATs are optional, a score of 620 or above on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing SAT exempts students from the English placement test. Math SAT score of 580 or above exempts students from the math placement test. If your intended major requires calculus, the calculus placement test is required. A College Board Advanced Placement English Test score of 4 or 5 exempts students from the English test.

Admissions Website

Transfer Credit

Students who transfer a college-level English composition course and a college-level mathematics course that satisfy Ramapo College’s General Education Requirements are exempt from placement testing. Transfers who have not completed their developmental or remedial course work at their prior school should forward their placement test scores to the Office of Testing and Placement.

Academic Eligibility

The decision to offer admission acceptance is based on a number of factors. These include the quality of an applicant’s grades, types of courses taken and their rigor, class rank if available, letters of recommendation, scope and depth of extracurricular and or community involvement, quality of the admission essay, and in some cases the particular field of intended study. In determining admission the greatest weight is given to a students’ quality of grades. Note: Interviews are sometimes a part of our admissions process.

The admission of transfer applicants is based on meeting minimum academic eligibility requirements. These include an overall GPA and credits earned that must be evident at the time of making an application. Spaces are limited and the state EOF grant is awarded based upon the availability of funds.