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Overview & Highlights



Student Development Specialists assist students with developing educational plans that are compatible with their life goals; they advise students on how best to adjust to the academic and social demands likely to be countered while attending college.

All of our Development Specialists hold advanced degrees in a variety of educational fields. Students can expect our advisors, as they are more commonly known, to be good listeners, able to establish rapport with them, and use an assortment of strategies to promote their personal growth and development. When working with students our EOF advisors engage the total person. They work with students on multiple goals tied to meeting their academic, career, financial, and personal/social needs. Their work involves both short-term and long range planning and identification of options for handling pressing issues needing immediate attention.

Career Development

Working together, the goal of our EOF Program and the Cahill Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services is to give students a competitive advantage in positioning themselves in the workforce, and for pursuing career advancement opportunities. We know students do place an emphasis on the economic value of an education. But they also must understand the four year degree itself does not guarantee career success. Students who give time to career planning and act on those plans during their college years are more likely to place themselves at an advantage when seeking graduate school admission or work immediately after college.

Career planning programs, services, and activities provided by our EOF program and the college’s Cahill Center includes preparation for and access to many opportunities that focus on:

  • Career Exploration
  • Co-ops/Internships
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Graduate School
  • Admission
  • Job Search
  • Career Advancement
Co-ops / Internships

Co-op and internship programs can offer you the opportunity to learn how to:

  • explore and clarify your major and career goals with professionals in the field, so you’ll know if the field is right for you
  • develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related to your major and career goals – you’ll know you can do it and how to do it better
  • gain practical employment experience that employers look for when hiring college graduates
  • take responsibility for your own learning and create a more rewarding college experience
  • establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references for life after graduation.

Students enrolled in our EOF Program, in developing their career development plans in consultation with EOF advisor and Cahill Center staff, are strongly advised to include co-op/ intern work experiences that will help them explore the practical application of their classroom learning and jump-start their careers.

Developmental Courses

According to national studies, about 75% of our 4-year colleges and universities offer remedial or developmental courses in one or more subjects (National Center for Educational Statistics, 1996). At Ramapo, courses are offered in Reading, English, and  Math.

Developmental courses in general do count towards the grade point average. Students in trying to discern differences between the colleges they are applying to should note many other New Jersey colleges do not allow developmental courses to be weighed in determining a grade point average. Ramapo does.

Our program for in-coming freshmen provides students the opportunity to strengthen their reading, writing, math and communication skills prior to the start of their first semester at Ramapo. Further enrollment in developmental courses during the school year may be required based on summer course placement, the course performance, and the recommendation of faculty.

Supplemental Instruction

EOF students are provided with additional academic support programs. An example of this is the EOF Supplemental Instruction Program.  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that utilizes peer assisted study sessions. SI Leaders conduct academic study skills workshops and out of class study/review sessions in seminar format throughout both the EOF Pre-Freshman Summer Studies Institute and academic year. The objective of the SI program is to increase student performance and retention.


Study Abroad

Sierra-LeoneStudy abroad offers so many life-changing and enduring academic, career, intercultural, personal, and social benefits. It affords students the opportunity to broaden their world understanding and perspective on just about anything.  This is why we as a program are committed to financially supporting EOF students (when we can) and consistently encouraging them to consider the possibility of studying abroad.  As a result, more EOF students are beginning to participate in short term, long term, and alternative spring break study abroad programs.

Chi Alpha Epsilon

Chi-AlphaFounded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Chi Alpha Epsilon Academic Honor Society was organized in 1989. Responding to an increased need to acknowledge the continuing successes of students in the Academic Development Program and recognizing that students who share similar experiences could serve as significant models for others, a Greek letter honor society was proposed by Dr. Elbert Saddler. Members of XAE pledge to continue to excel academically, promote academic excellence in others, and to help those who genuinely aspire to the same goals.

Membership in Chi Alpha Epsilon is offered to eligible students and alumni who hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. for two consecutive full-time semesters and who were admitted to the college/university via developmental or higher education opportunity type programs are eligible for membership.

Alpha Chi Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey was founded by eighteen members on May 1, 2000. Since 2000, there have been 270 students inducted into the Ramapo Chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon Academic Honor Society.

Faculty Mentorship/Research

Mentor-ProgramThe Educational Opportunity Fund Program partnered with the various academic departments to develop faculty mentorship and/or research initiatives that benefit both the college faculty and students.  The goals of this partnership are:

  • Provide EOF students with the opportunity to explore academic and career choices through one-to-one relationships with faculty members.
  • Provide students with the tools to make the transition from college to careers a successful and rewarding experience.
  • Increase the enrollment, retention and graduation of our students.
  • Increase the awareness and perception of fields of study, graduate school and the world of work.