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School Core or General Education Course Lists in Real Time

  1. Log in to your Ramapo Self Service Account
  2. Click on My Courses
  3. Click on Ramapo Self Service
  4. Click on long sentence in center that starts with “This link will take you to Ramapo Self Service…”
  5. Click “Look Up Courses”
  6. Choose the term
  7. Highlight all the subjects by clicking the top subject, then holding down your mouse as you scroll to the bottom. They should all be blue.
  8. Leave title, number, etc. blank.
  9. Select the “Attribute Type” for the General Education category or School Core list that you wish to find. Just pick one at a time.
  10. You did it. The list you have reflects real time availability If you are in registration mode, you can even register for a course on the spot. Click on red CRN to get more information.