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Registration Schedules

Summer / Fall

Summer 2024 and Fall 2024

You may register any time after your registration window opens. If the opening of your window conflicts with your class schedule, registration remains open; registration is not an excusable class absence.

Ramapo College Self Service Registration

  1. Go to Web Self Service
  2. Enter your Email Username and password
  3. Click Student Services and Financial Aid
  4. Click Registration


Academic Calendar

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Registration

03/04 12:30pm All Matriculated Students

Non-Matriculated Student Registration

03/06 8:30am Open to all New, Visiting, and Non-degree seeking students

FALL 2024

  • Registration times are based on earned credits as of March 20, 2024.
  • Assigned registration times do NOT include currently enrolled credits.
  • An email will be sent the week of March 27th with your assigned registration window.
  • To determine your registration window, review credits earned on your transcript or degree audit. (Your credits earned excludes non-degree courses, unresolved Incompletes, W’s and F’s.)

Academic Calendar

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Registration

04/08 M  11:05am Doctoral/Graduate Students
04/08 M  11:05am Certificate Programs
04/08 M  1:05pm 114 and above cr (SR)
04/08 M  1:35pm 100 – 113.999 cr (SR)
04/08  M  4:00pm 96-99.999 cr (SR)
04/09  T   9:45am 85-95.999 cr  (JR)
04/09  T   11:40am 77-84.999 cr (JR)
04/09  T   1:40pm 68-76.999 cr (JR)
04/09  T   3:30pm 64-67.999 cr (JR)
04/10 W  9:45am 54-63.999 cr (SO)
04/10 W  11:10am 41-53.999 cr (SO)
04/10 W  12:35pm 35-40.999 cr (SO)
04/11 W  1:30pm 32-34.999 cr (SO)
04/11 R  9:45am 24-31.999 cr (FR)
04/11 R  11:10am 14-23.999 cr (FR)
04/11 R  1:05pm  2-13.999 cr (FR)
04/11 R  4:00pm  0-1.999 cr (FR)

Non-Matriculated Student Registration

08/05 M  8:30am Post-bacs/Visiting
08/05 M  1:00pm OPEN TO ALL

The Registration Schedule for the Winter 2025 and Spring 2025 terms will be posted at a later date. Please check back for additional details.