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In order to provide the best opportunity for academic success, Ramapo College of New Jersey requires entering students to take a basic skills placement test.   The basic skills placement test used at Ramapo College of New Jersey is ACCUPLACER, developed by The College Board.

Important Information

Why am I Being Tested?

IF YOU SCORED LOWER THAN A 620 (After March 2016) ON YOUR EVIDENCE BASED READING & WRITING SAT. EVEN IF IT IS CLOSE TO 620, YOU MUST TAKE THIS ESSAY TEST. **If you scored lower than a 560 on the Critical Reading PRIOR to March 2016, you will need to take the placement Essay

The purpose of taking placement tests is to identify students’ academic strengths and needs so that they can plan an appropriate schedule of course work.  The Ramapo College Placement Exam (ACCUPLACER OnLineT) will give students information about their skills in writing/reading and will tell students at what level they need to begin their college studies. Staff will be on hand to explain results and answer questions.

What Happens if I do not Pass the Test?

Everyone passes the test. Students who place into developmental courses based upon the results of the placement test should plan to register for and complete these courses before or during their first semester of enrollment at Ramapo College.

Is There a Testing Time Limit?

The time limit for students taking both the English and math placement tests is 2 hours total (2 1/2 hours if also taking the Pre-Calculus/Calculus “CLM” test).
The time limit for students taking only the English placement test is 1 1/2  hours total.

Is There a Testing Fee?

The following fees must be paid at the time of testing:

(Personal check or money order payable to Ramapo College and cash (exact amount) are accepted forms of payment for testing fees.   Credit cards are not accepted.)

  • Initial testing session regardless of the number of tests required is  $40.00 (non-refundable)
  • Re-test sessions are limited to 1-hour  per test section and the fee is $20.00 per test  (non-refundable)
  • Students scoring 1-5 on Essay may re-test for placement into CRWT 102
  • Checks returned  due to  insufficient funds will incur a $30.00 handling fee

Information about the ACCUPLACER Tests that includes an overview of how the test works, test-taking tips and sample questions is available online at The College Board website.

Basic Skills Placement Re-Test Policy

Test Scores (ACCUPLACER Online) will be valid for a period of 2 years from the initial testing date.   Students who take ACCUPLACER at Ramapo College and score within re-testing range of the passing score on any of the multiple-choice sections will be allowed only 1 re-test opportunity per test section.   You can re-test 1 time if you don’t place into CRWT 102. 

Test scores that fall within the following ranges are eligible for the re-test option:

  • WritePlacer 1-5

Re-test Fees (payment is due at the time of testing):
$10 for each multiple-choice test section
Students may not re-test on the same day as initial testing.   There is a wait time of 10 days between initial test and retest.
After re-testing, the score that will be valid will be the higher of the two scores.  Once students begin their developmental course work the re-test option is no longer available.
Students may register for a re-test appointment by using the online test registration form.




ESSAY Practice & Resources


Course Placement Information – Fall 2018: (WHAT COURSES YOU’LL TAKE 1ST SEMESTER)

Course Placement by SAT Scores

SAT-Evidence-Based Reading & Writing score 620 or higher – CRWT 102: Critical Reading and Writing II (4 credits toward graduation) (Or 560 or above on SAT Critical Reading prior to March 2016)

Course Placement by ACT Scores

ACT Composite score 26 or higher – CRWT 102: Critical  Reading and Writing II (4 credits toward graduation) and a College-Level Mathematics course (determined by major and degree requirement) (see 3 below)

Course Placement by ACCUPLACER Test Scores

Critical Reading and Writing Course Placement  (based on Essay  score)
6-8 – CRWT 102:        Critical Reading and  Writing II (4 credits toward graduation)

5 –  CRWT 101:        Critical Reading and Writing I (4 credits toward graduation)

0-4 – Reading Comprehension test required to determine course placement
76 to 120        CRWT 090: Foundations of Critical Writing (not for college credit)
20 to 75           CRWT 080: Foundations of Critical Reading and Writing (not for college credit)