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CLEP: What to Bring

What You Will Need on the Day of Your CLEP Exam:

  1. Test-takers must have one valid, government-issued ID that has both a photo and a signature (see ID Policy below).
  2. CLEP Exam Registration Ticket (proof of payment for CLEP exam)
  3. The $40.00 proctor fee in either check or cash. This fee is non-refundable.
  4. The name and address of the institution that will receive your official CLEP test score report.
  5.  A face mask to ensure that we are meeting NJ state social distancing guidelines at all times.

Required ID Policy for CLEP Exams:  A single ID will be required.  Test-takers must have a valid, government-issued photo ID that has both a photo and a signature. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Current  passport with name, photograph, and signature
  • Valid driver’s license with name, photograph, and signature
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photograph, and signature
  • National ID with name, photograph, and signature
  • A tribal  ID card
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship

Prohibited Items ~ the following items are not permitted in the testing lab.   ALL personal items must be placed in the designated area in the lab while testing.

  • Calculators (a calculator function is built into the software for those tests that require calculator use)
  • Cellular phones/pagers, beepers, walkie-talkies, PDAs, or wireless communication devices (e.g., iPad, BlackBerry)
  • Digital watches (wrist or pocket), alarm watches, or wristwatch cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Any kind of photographic or copying device
  • Listening devices, radios with headphones, recorders, iPods
  • Copying or photographic devices
  • Transmission or receiving devices
  • Any device capable of recording audio, photographic or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content
  • Dictionaries, books, pamphlets, or reference materials
  • Papers of any kind (except for authorized scratch paper  provided by the test center)
  • Mechanical pencils or any type of pen
  • Non-medical electronic devices (laptop computers, digital assistants)
  • Flash/thumb drives or any other portable electronic storage device
  • Candidate-provided keyboards
  • Slide rules, protractors, compasses, rulers
  • Highlighter pens and/or colored pens and pencils
  • Food, beverages, or tobacco products
  • Hats and/or caps (unless worn as a religious requirement)
  • Hoodies and/or hooded shirts, jackets
  • Calculator watches
  • Any other unauthorized testing aids
  • Weapons or firearms