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Rick Nunez

Ramapo Success Story

“My time at Ramapo College has been immensely rewarding. My students remind me of my younger self, as many are the first within their families to attend college, and their challenges in balancing work and school reflect my own struggles in getting an education. I adore my students, and all of my efforts as an instructor are geared toward helping them achieve a better future.

Teaching and mentoring our students is always gratifying, but it’s not always clear how much of an impact we are having on their futures. However, I was recently reminded that the hands-on environment in which we work does indeed have an impact on our students.

In December I received a note from a former student that was in my Entrepreneurship class years ago and graduated in 2012. In his message, he remarked on how helpful the “entrepreneurial perspective” was to his career in sales, and noted how a tool that we discussed in class triggered an interest that resulted in his current Silicon Valley job.

As stated in our mission, Ramapo’s emphasis on teaching and individual attention to students is what allows faculty the opportunity to make that magic happen.”

– Enrique “Rick” Nunez is an Associate Professor of Management and first joined Ramapo in 2009 and then again in 2015. For more information, please visit his Faculty Page.

Anisfield School of Business

Recent Publications

Nuñez, E. (2015). The Differing Impact of Household Income on Firm Emergence by Heterogeneous Startup Configuration, New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 18(2):31-46.
Nuñez, E. (2015). The Temporal Dynamics of Firm Emergence by Team Composition – Examining Top-Performing Solo, Family, and Team-Based Startups, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 20(2):65 – 92.
Nuñez, E., & Lynn, G. (2012). The Impact of Adding Improvisation to Sequential NPD Processes on Cost: The Moderating Effects of Turbulence. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 16(1):1 – 17.
Nuñez, E. (2012). Hispanics and Entrepreneurship. In Marvel, M. (ed.) Encyclopedia of New Venture Management (pp. 229 – 231), Thousand Oaks, USA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Nuñez, E. (2012). Radical and Incremental Innovation. In Marvel, M. (ed.) Encyclopedia of New Venture Management (pp. 393 – 394), Thousand Oaks, USA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Nuñez, E. (2012). University Startups. In Marvel, M. (ed.) Encyclopedia of New Venture Management (pp. 455 – 457), Thousand Oaks, USA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Nuñez, E., Reilly, R. & Lynn, G. (2011). From Cross-Functional to Rank-Spanning Radical New Product Development – An Analysis with Recommendations, Business Studies Journal, 3(2):49 – 68.

Awards and Accomplishments

ETS VISITING SCHOLAR, Educational Testing Service  1/09
Chosen to take part in a month-long program to aid in the construction of improved education measurement tools, and to help craft innovative educational policy.

SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE, New York University 6/08
Selected to participate in this highly-competitive program to work with colleagues from NYU’s Center for Digital Economy (CeDER), a research center within the Stern School of Business.

Selected as the 3rd Place winner in a national competition that honors the innovative teaching of entrepreneurship – sponsored by George Washington University and the Kauffman Foundation.


M.S., Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 1992

Ph.D., Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 2005

Classes Known For

Family Business (a Special Topics course in Management)
Strategic Management
Managing Organizational Behavior