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Photo Guidelines for Ramapo College Success Stories

Thank you for your interest in sharing your Ramapo College story with us! In order for your story submission to be published, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when emailing your headshot photo.

If you live/work close to campus, you can also request setting up a time for a photo to be taken by our team during regular business hours. Email to get started.

Please review the example photos below.


  • Landscape/horizontal photos are required due to cropping restrictions. Please reference the examples below. This means vertical and square photos will not work.
  • To ensure that all of the photos for our success stories display a mutual quality, please submit a photo taken with a digital camera or a cell phone that can take high quality photos. Some cell phone photos will work if photo(s) are too grainy, pixilated, or out of focus.
  • Photos with plain backgrounds or taken outside by shrubs or walls are ideal! Be sure that your scenery is not too busy or distracting.
  • Photos come out best when you have someone else take them for you! Though if needed, you can try taking a photo by using the camera’s timer.
  • Please make sure the photo(s) submitted are in focus and not blurry.
  • Business casual or professional attire is preferred. If your employment or internship requires a certain dress code, such as a doctor, nurse, scientist, teacher, etc, please feel free to submit photos of you “in action” at work. If you are taking a photo at your workplace and the setting is recognizable as your company (includes company logo, name, or signage, uniform with logo on it, etc), please also obtain photo usage permission from your company.
  • It is preferred that images are at least 460px by 290px.


  • Photos taken from low-level camera phones, screenshots, or as selfies are not preferred.
  • Photos that are suggestive, contain offensive language, or unaffiliated brand logos can not not used. (Ramapo College logos and employer company logos may potentially be used with permission.)
  • Cropping yourself out of an existing photo with other individuals may not meet quality requirements if the others still remain partially visible and distract you from being the focus of the image.
  • Try not to include other people in your photo. Otherwise, each person in the photo must complete an individual image release form. Therefore, it is preferred that only you are in the photo(s) you submit.

Examples of great photos include:





To submit your photo, please email: