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Theater Studies

How does studying abroad fit with this major?

Every society has its own way of expressing itself through performance. Studying abroad gives students the chance to broaden their performance style to include local traditions. In many cultures the study of theatre is rooted in religion, oftentimes rituals, prayers, or other sacred practices are involved when preparing for a performance.

Studying theater abroad exposes students to different ways of capturing the human condition than you would at home. It allows students to study different performance styles in the places they originated. Studying performance abroad gives you unique local knowledge to become a well-rounded performer who is able to draw on a variety of methods when approaching a role; this includes different ways of training your body to move, ways of interpreting classical texts, adapting to performing in a range of physical spaces, and much more.

Featured Programs

Ramapo College of New Jersey

“ENGLAND: Theater, Costume and Culture in London”

2 credit, Global Field Experience, May Program
This program (INTL 130) focuses on theater, costume and culture in London. This course will link the study and research of costume history and contemporary dress to specific scripts and performance that students will read and subsequently view while in England. Students will learn the process and approach costume designers employ when designing a production and apply this knowledge to written analysis of performance in theater and film that they will view abroad and in class and serve as a foundation for class discussion. These scripts and performances will be in a variety of eras that reflect (or satirize) the culture, mores, and social structure of society in each. There will be a component on British royal costume history and its influence on fashion. Students will immerse themselves in British culture by attending theater performances, visiting exhibits, costume houses and museums with strong fashion focus, both historical and contemporary, in London and Stratford. Learning will be enhanced by curator-led tours at museums and workshops at theaters like Stratford, the National Theater and/or the Globe.
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Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, England)

International Exchange Program – Fall or Spring Semester

Anglia Ruskin University partnered with Ramapo College in 2012 to offer exchange opportunities. They have two primary tracks in theater studies: Performing Arts & Drama. Faculty from both institutions have reviewed the relevant courses to ensure students both maximize their experiences abroad, as well as keep on track towards their degree completion. Speak to your faculty advisor to learn more about how this exciting experience can fit within your Ramapo degree.

Program Website (Information & Application)

Scholarships are available

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Other Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major in Theater Studies. Click on the link below for a list of these options: