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Getting Started

TheWorldFirst Steps to an International Program?

  1. Review the suggested 4-year plan (see below) during your freshman year.
  2. Sign-Up for an advisement session.
  3. Fill out the advisement questionnaire online.
  4. An International Programs Advisor will contact you to meet & discuss your goals, program choices and the application process or you may sign up for an advising session.
  5. Investigate program options on our website and those given by the International Programs Advisor.
  6. Schedule Meeting #2 with the International Programs Advisor to discuss your top program choices.
  7. Begin the application process
  8. Go Abroad!

4-Year Plan

International Programs 4-Year Plan

Please note, this is only a recommended plan. You may choose to adjust this plan according to your needs, but realize that participation in an international program earlier in your academic career will take more foresight and initiative.

Year 1

  • Attend an advisement session
  • complete the advisement questionnaire
  • speak with International Programs Advisor
  • inform your academic advisor of your international program goals
  • talk informally with professors
  • independent research on countr(ies) of interest
  • make list of available scholarships and deadlines
  • attend international program information sessions

Year 2

  • apply for scholarships
  • complete an international programs application
  • attend pre-departure orientations

Year 3

  • Go Abroad!

Year 4

  • develop/strengthen resume
  • present at national/regional/international conferences

Eligibility for International Programs

The criteria and eligibility for international programs varies by program. Ramapo College International requires the following minimum criteria for program participation:

  • minimum 2.5 GPA (cummulative)
  • good judicial standing
  • completed a minimum of 2 semesters (including one completed semester from Ramapo College)
  • successful completion of the international programs application and with full acceptance

While these are the standards of acceptance by Ramapo College International, many institutions abroad hold higher minimum entry requirements. When reviewing your options, please pay close attention to the individual institution’s acceptance criteria.

Program Options

Ramapo College currently offers over 400 approved program options in more than 65 countries. Please visit the Program Directory to search for programs that match your desired criteria.

Housing Options

One important component to every international programs experience is the accommodations. Depending on your goal and your program of choice, there are a variety of choices as outlined below.


A great option for those whose primary international programs goal is to truly immerse oneself in the culture and language of your host country. Homestays are never typical and vary depending on local norms. You may be living with an extending family or possibly just a couple. All families are screened through an extensive review process, attend orientation workshops on hosting students and are evaluated after every student experience. Many students develop long-lasting relationships with their families abroad and remain in communication with them for years after their international experience.

University Residence Halls

Depending on your international location, the quality and facilities will vary greatly. This is a good option for students interested in meeting other students. As an international student, typically you will be in a residential situation with other international students.

Residencias (in Latin America & Spain)

This option is available only in select locations. These are establishments designed specifically for temporary student housing. Often, the residencia will be the chosen location for students who reside in the interior of a country, far from the major cities, short-term faculty and international students. This option affords you opportunities to live with a diverse group of students and educators.

Shared Apartment

This option is only available in select locations. The organization that facilitates your international program will arrange for you to be housed in an apartment with other international students, and sometimes local students (depending on the location). This is a great option for students who are very independent and enjoy cooking their own meals.

Private Accommodation

This option is only available in select locations. Private apartments are when the student arranges for their own housing options and there is no support or facilitation by either Ramapo College or the host organization/institution.


The billing process for your international programs term will be different than your on-campus billing process. Below is a brief explanation of this process, deadlines, etc.

Ramapo Faculty-Led Programs

You will be billed to your Ramapo account for the cost of your specific program. You must pay by the deadlines provided below:

Payment Deadlines
(approximate dates; refer to program website for individual deadlines)

Term Commitment & $500 Deposit (non-refundable) Payment #1 Payment #2 Payment #3
Fall 3/15 4/1 4/15 5/1
Winter 10/15 11/1 11/15 12/1
Spring 10/15 11/1 11/15 12/1
Spring Break 10/15 11/1 11/15 12/1
Summer 3/15 4/1/ 4/15 5/1

*Some programs may have different payment timelines. If this is the case,  you will be notified by the International Programs Office.

Late Fees

A late fee of $35 will be assessed for each payment not received by the payment deadlines communicated to you by the International Programs Office. Note: There will be a 3-day grace period before a late fee is assessed.

Affiliate University Programs

(Anglia Ruskin University, CPH Business Academy, Kansai Gaidai University, John Cabot University, Universidad de Deusto, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, University College Dublin)

You will be billed directly by your host university. If you are participating in an exchange program, then you will be billed for one semester of Ramapo tuition on your bill.

In addition, some programs require that you pay the cost of your room & board direct to the host institution. Please speak to your international programs advisor for more information.

You must pay this invoice by the deadlines provided to you by the International Office for your specific program

Partner Programs (CIEE, CEPA, SIT, SFS, Arcadia, SACI, DIS & ISA)

You will be billed directly by the partner organization. They each have their own specific deadlines, policies and procedures:


Refund Policy

General Policies

These policies apply for the Ramapo College Faculty-Led Programs:

  • All application fees and deposits are non-refundable (unless the program is cancelled by Ramapo College).
  • Ramapo College reserves the right to make any changes or alterations to the program including itineraries and fees, in cases of emergency, low enrollment, changed conditions or in the interest of the group.
  • Should Ramapo College cancel the program for whatever reason, full refund of all fees will be made unless the cancellation is due to deteriorating security and safety conditions, including political unrest, natural disaster, technological failures, or other catastrophes beyond its control. In such cases the university will be able to refund only uncommitted and/or recoverable funds (lodging and/or meals, transportation deposits, airfare, and any other program-related non-recoverable expenses.)
  • In cases of insufficient enrollment, students withdrawing their participation prior to an official Ramapo College cancellation notice will not receive a refund.
  • All cancellations or withdrawals from a program must be made in writing. The charge on your student account will not be removed unless Ramapo College’s International Center is notified of your intent to withdraw.
  • If a participant cancels/withdraws from a program for any reason between deposit deadline and 45 days prior to the program start date, the participant will be refunded all fees paid minus the deposit and any non-recoverable costs.
  • If a participant cancels or withdraws, voluntarily or involuntarily (including dismissal from the program), less than 45 days prior to the program start date or after the start of the program, no refund will be issued.


Non-Recoverable Costs: Careful planning goes into developing international programs. As a result, Ramapo College will incur expenses overseas well before you arrive in your international destination. Some expenses, paid shortly after you agree to participate in the program, are based on the exact number of students who have confirmed participation in the program. Other expenses are incurred on the basis of a certain number of students who participate in a program. For these reasons, if you withdraw from a program after commitment, Ramapo College will be unable to refund the participant any of these expenses.

Withdrawal Policy

This policy applies to Ramapo College’s Faculty-Led Programs:


If you were accepted to an International Program, have not yet committed, and would like to decline your acceptance, you can do so by logging into your study abroad application and declining your offer.

If you have committed to your program by electronically signing the Statement of Responsibility and paying the deposit, but would like to withdraw, please complete the form below. Please note that you are subject to the Refund Policy, stated above on this page, which you signed as part of the Statement of Responsibility.

Ramapo College reserves the right to withdraw a student from an international program prior to departure for any of the following reasons:

  • Disciplinary action
  • Cumulative GPA falling below 2.5
  • Failure to make payment or complete necessary application steps

The Office of International Engagement reserves the right to withdraw a student from an international program while abroad for any of the following reasons:

  • Violation of Code of Conduct Agreement
  • Failure to make payment

All withdrawals based on the above conditions will be at the cost of the student.

If a student chooses to withdraw from a program either prior to or while abroad, the student is responsible for all costs associated with withdrawal, including balances due to Ramapo College.

Please note: Your withdrawal from your study abroad program is final and irreversible.