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How does studying abroad fit with this major?

As the study of life, biology is the kind of field that can be studied anywhere. Studying abroad allows biology students to understand the necessity of studying their biological topic of interest where it originates. Biology study abroad programs are the perfect way to gain valuable exposure to alternative methods of data collection, analysis, and the ways in which life is studied and understood in another part of the world.

An important part of studying biology is the experience of field or laboratory work. A biology study abroad program takes students directly to the life-forms they study; it also exposes students to the many alternative approaches of the study of biology. Differences exist in everything from laboratory procedures to technical equipment from country to country, making study abroad experience extremely valuable for any student hoping to one day contribute to the growing collection of biological knowledge.

Other Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major in Biology. Click on the link below for a list of these options:


Student Testimonials

“My name is Kathryn Cabrera and I am a senior biology major with a minor in anthropology. I studied abroad during the spring 2019 semester and went to Maynooth University in Ireland. While abroad I had the opportunity to take 5 anthropology courses that not only helped me to fulfill my minor requirements, but also showed me a different branch of anthropology. The four main branches of anthropology are biology, culture, linguistics and archaeology and Ramapo College’s classes mainly focus on the cultural side. When studying abroad in Ireland, I was able to learn more about archaeology through classes taught by an archaeologist and field trips to some of Ireland’s most well-preserved historical sites. On top of this, Maynooth University offers a certificate in Irish Cultural Heritage, which I was able to receive based on the classes I took. This experience really gave me a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective on anthropology and a chance to learn through hands on techniques that went beyond Ramapo College’s scope. Anthropology is the study of human beings and their societies and there is no better way to learn than by immersing yourself into a culture completely different from your own. Studying abroad was such a memorable experience that expanded my knowledge and will help me to stand out from other biology majors in the future!”  (Kathryn Cabrera, Class of 2020, Biology Major & Anthropology Minor)

“Going to Peru this past summer was perhaps the best experience of my college career thus far. Having an international experience is something I’ve always wanted to make sure to do before graduating college, so I’m thankful to have gotten the opportunity to actually make that wish become a reality. Going into the program, Peru was a country that I did not know too much about. However, taking part in this program allowed me to learn so much in many different fields. I really got to be immersed in the culture by staying with a host family, where I was fed
traditional food and taught the customs. From being shy and depending on google translate in the beginning to being told I sounded like a native speaker at the end, I definitely got to improve my Spanish speaking skills. By the end of my month there, I had begun to feel more like a native than a tourist. Lastly, I was able to become more exposed to the healthcare field that I wish to eventually work in from shadowing nurses and doctors in the clinic. In the clinic I observed how to draw blood, how to properly insert and take out an IV, how to perform an EKG, ran blood and urine tests, and much more. I have already utilized some of the things I learned in Peru in my classes this semester, which only shows how beneficial this experience has been and will continue to be for me. I truly believe it has better prepared me for a future in healthcare, and await my next experience like this!” 
(Jessica Kurian, Biology Major, Class of 2021)

“Travelling to Cusco, Peru for a service internship with International Studies Abroad was definitely one of the best decisions that I made during my college career. During my time in Peru, I was able to not only gain clinical  experience by shadowing doctors and nurses in various clinics, but also travel the magnificent country of Peru. I was also able to meet so many different people and make friendships that will last me a lifetime. The month that I spent in Peru not only broadened my horizons to a new culture, but also allowed me to take away many skills that I will be able to use in my future in the healthcare field. I was also fortunate enough to be placed with an extremely kind host family that truly helped to make Peru feel like a home away from home. They always made me feel safe and even worked with me to help improve my Spanish skills. Overall, travelling to Peru for a month was an unforgettable adventure that I am forever thankful that I was able to embark on.” (Tabitha Jaison, Biology Major, Class of 2020)