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Benefits / Institutional Connections

Sustainability Center Programming

Class outdoors

For Ramapo Students and Faculty

All Ramapo College students who enroll in environmentally-related classes — as well as their instructors — gain a superb teaching and learning space in the new Sustainability Center. For example, the Appropriate Technology course uses the facility as a locus for design, experimentation, and demonstration. The Sustainable Agriculture course uses the gardens to develop competency in sustainable agriculture. The Sustainable Communities course uses the Center as a base for its explorations of sustainable planning and design.

Professors in other disciplines are encouraged to incorporate the model practices of the Sustainability Center in their courses. Tours and seminars are offered for these classes to help students understand how sustainability issues relate to their own course work and lives.


Class outdoors by the lake

Educational Initiatives for School-Age Children

The Center serves as a demonstration site for area teachers and administrators who seek a model for incorporating green practices in their own facilities and classrooms. Students in primary and secondary grades can tour with their teachers, learning about various approaches to sustainable living. Workshops are held (on request) for girl / boy scout troops.


In the Community

Workshop or session topics can incorporate food grown at the Center, water use, how wastes are handled, how power is generated and used, and how building and landscape meet needs.

Adults from the community can find at the Center a practical way to learn about how to design new homes and to remodel their existing homes into more sustainable structures. Members of the community can also learn about how the land can be verdant and productive while making the gardener healthy and relaxed in the organic gardens.