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Alternate Energy Center

Learning Skills for Observing 12The Alternate Energy and Environment Center (AEEC) was begun in 1975 by a group of students and faculty at Ramapo College in response to the energy crisis of the 1970’s. It’s goal was to provide a student-built environmental education facility that demonstrated alternative methods of producing and using resources,
particularly energy, food, and shelter, that were not heavily based on depleting and polluting sources of fossil fuels.

It was hoped that the technologies and methods developed would provide some insight into how to provide people with the necessities of life, food, shelter, heat, electricity and water that would be ecologically sustainable [able to be provided in the long-term without depleting the life-support systems such as pure air,
water, soil, microorganisms and biodiversity of life that are essential for our long-term survival].

At the same time, the AEEC also sought to model social and community sustainability, represented in the full participation of people in a climate of equality and mutual and environmental respect, in the process of achieving personal self reliance and collective survival. The center demonstrated both technological approaches and social/community approaches to understanding and seeking sustainability.

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