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Ramapo College is committed to improving its recycling activities. There are recycling containers or bins located in every building on campus. Each office has a special container for paper. Take the time to locate the recycling container nearest you.

This is what our campus recycles:

  • Glass: Clean, clear, green and brown bottles and jars.
  • Metals: Aluminum food and beverage cans, steel or tin food or beverage cans
  • Plastics: Milk & water jugs, soda bottles, all color soap & detergent bottles.
  • Paper: All paper (except where stated below)

The following flyer explains our recycling guidelines:

Hazard Communications

The New Jersey Community and Worker Right to Know Act provides information to individuals and local government agencies about the potential risks posed by hazardous substances in the workplace and the surrounding community.

You may view related information at: Environmental Health and Safety.

Energy Savings

The office of Facilities has taken many steps toward energy reduction while maintaining the services necessary for the College community.

Energy saving steps taken by Ramapo College include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Reduced consumption showerheads and bathroom fixtures
  • Alternate fuel vehicles

For more information, visit the Energy Savers website.