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Judith and Frank Rodriguez were members of the Friends of Ramapo for many years. Mrs. Rodriguez is a registered pharmacist in both New Jersey and New York. While pursuing her professional career she has also served in elected and appointed government and community service positions. Mrs. Rodriguez has received a number of awards for her teaching and service to the field. The couple were the owners of Raysol Pharmacy in New York.

Mr. Rodriguez’ career included management positions in Telecommunications Analysis with RAM Communications, and Western Union. He was a senior consultant for RCC Consultants. Mr. Rodriguez had General and Amateur Radio Operators licenses from the FCC. He was active in many civic and community organizations, including the American Pharmaceutical Association, MENSA, and the Radio Club of America.

In their hometown of Midland Park, NJ, the Rodríguezes had been active with the Board of Health, the Historic Society, the Library Board of Trustees, and the Board of Education. On the county and state level, the Rodríguezes had been involved with a number of organizations including Bergen County’s Northwest Regional Health Commission, the Medical Reserve Corps, and the Pharmaceutical Society, as well as the NJ Drug Utilization Review Board, the NJ Department of Education’s Advisory Committee on Bilingual Education, and the NJ Pharmaceutical Association.

Sadly Mr. Rodriguez passed away in March of 2018.

  • A sophomore or Junior in the School of Theoretical and Applied Science
  • GPA of 3.5+
  • Recipient will be selected by a faculty committee

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2020 Recipient

Jeffrey Joseph

Jeffrey Joseph of Jackson, N.J. is a Biology major and is enrolled in the Honors Program. He is also a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

At Ramapo, Jeffrey has been active in several organizations and activities, including LIS (Leaders in Service), Newman Catholic Club, Tutoring, and Rally Cap Sports.  He is the community service chair for Newman Catholic and has planned events with MEVO and Soup kitchens nearby. Jeffrey loves helping students through tutoring, especially by tutoring a subject such as biology which he loves and helping to tutor students with special needs. He has also helped involve special needs students into the community by playing sports through the Rally Cap Sports Club.

Jeffrey has also been involved in Habitat for Humanity and EMS. Overall, he is passionate about community service and helping others.

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