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Ramapo College Foundation Scholarship Financial Need Policy

October 2018

For scholarships which include “Financial Need” as part of the criteria: “Financial Need” will be determined in coordination with the Office of Financial Aid, based on the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), taking into account unmet need and other awards received.

Dreamers can receive a financial need-based scholarship upon the recommendation of the Office of Financial Aid. The Dreamers must have attended a New Jersey High School for at least 3 yrs. and graduated. The Office of Financial Aid will consider eligibility for Dreamers based on state guidelines.


  1. Scholarship Coordinator will look at all student applications for a particular scholarship before sending to the Selection Committees.
  2. Scholarship Coordinator will check the EFC on the Banner screen that they have access to.
  3. Scholarship Coordinator will then send the list of students with the information they have to the Assistant Director of Financial Aid to confirm and rank financial need.
  4. The ranking only applies to the scholarships where the primary criteria is financial need.
  5. The committees reviewing the applications will receive the ranking.

The policy will be sent along with the complete scholarship listings to all Deans and be posted on the Ramapo College Foundation website.