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Parents Council Scholarship

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Each year parents of current Ramapo College students have the opportunity to give to this special endowed fund that provides a scholarship to a Ramapo student. The award is administered by the President’s Parents Council, a group of parents who take an active role in College life. The recipient is selected by senior administrators in the Office of Student Affairs.

  • For students whose personal or family circumstances make it difficult to attend Ramapo College
  • Recipient nominated by the Office of Student Affairs

This scholarship is not awarded through the application process.

2022 Recipient


The recipient of this award would like to remain anonymous.

2021 Recipients


The recipient of this award would like to remain anonymous.

Melissa Sosa

“My goal is to provide people of under-resourced and marginalized communities with mental health and trauma relief,” says Melissa Sosa, a Psychology major from Teaneck, N.J. As a first-generation student, she understands the importance and value of education and will be pursuing her PhD. 

At Ramapo, Melissa has been active in several organizations and activities, including the Spanish and Psychology Clubs. She has been involved in off-campus activities including volunteering at her local library and working as a part-time manager at Aldo in Garden State Plaza.

Melissa has a little sister named Daniela, who she mentors and helps navigate middle school. “My sister is my inspiration and one of my main motivations to continue my education,” she says.


2020 Recipients

Tijani Browne

When she’s not on the track or in class, Bogota, N.J. native Tijani Browne can be found taking part in various campus activities.

Her greatest accomplishment is graduating from EOF’s rigorous summer program in 2019, where she earned a 3.5 GPA. “EOF scholars had to complete a semester’s worth of information and classes in six weeks.”

Her accomplishments on the track include competing in the Met Championship, Fastrack National Invite, and NJAC Indoor Championship. The Psychology major plans to go on to graduate school.


Emma Bongiovanni

Emma Bongiovanni of Wall, N.J. is a Communications major and Literature minor, with a Writing concentration. She has a 3.7 GPA, and has been included on the Dean’s List for each semester she has attended Ramapo.

At Ramapo, Emma has been active in the Visual Artists Society and Garden Club. As Vice President in these organizations, she organizes and collaborates on many art-based projects and events, and works with the Garden Club and school to keep Ramapo green.

Emma works off campus as a barista and summer camp art teacher. “In my jobs I’ve learned valuable skills as my love for the arts— be it in latte art or acrylic painting— is reflected in every project I take on.”

Emma is passionate about writing whimsical poetry and fantastical prose stories, as well as satirical nonfiction, and plans to enter the writing and publishing industry after she graduates. “I’m proud of the poetry submissions that have been published in Ramapo’s official art magazine, Trillium.”

2019 Recipients

The recipient wishes to remain anonymous.



Autumn Francis

“I want to use music in order to enact social change,” says Contemporary Arts major Autumn Francis. Autumn also creates her own music, accompanied with original lyrics geared towards raising awareness of social and racial issues. After graduation, she plans to launch her own music production and scouting business.

She has a 3.6 GPA.

2018 Recipients

Devashri Parikh

Devashri Parikh of Edison N.J. is a Biochemistry major. She has a 3.89 GPA and has been on the Dean’s List for all semesters.  She received the Chemistry Award from the school of TAS during her freshman year.

At Ramapo, Devashri has been active in several activities, including Chemistry and Biochemistry Club, South Asians at Ramapo, and Residence Life. She has hosted several community building programs and was recognized for hosting the best cultural program of the year.

Devashri volunteers and takes part in a shadowing program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical University, and works as a part-time Chemistry and Math Tutor. She has also been conducting undergraduate research and presented at two ACS National Conferences and several regional conferences.

“Inspired by my shadow experience, my goal is to become a successful plastic surgeon in the future.”

Thanuri Udumulla Arachchilage

Thanuri Udumulla Arachchilage of Sri Lanka is a Business Administration major with a concentration in management. She has a GPA of 3.75 and has been on the Dean’s list for two consecutive semesters.

At Ramapo, Thanuri has been active in several organizations and activities, including the International Student Organization and Accounting Club. She works on campus as a student intern to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. She is also a peer facilitator and a member of the Student Disciplinary Review Board.

She plans to go to law school after graduating from Ramapo and pursue a PhD in either Business or Law.

2017 Recipients

Jennifer Uchechi Emeh

Jennifer Uchechi Emeh of Newark, NJ is a Psychology major and African Studies minor. She is a proud member of the EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund)  program at Ramapo.

She is part of the Black Student Union, where she served as public relations chair.  She is currently the senior advisor for Ebony Women for Social Change and the publicist for Students of Caribbean Ancestry.

Jennifer has also been involved off –campus as an active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and a proud member of Project MYSELF. She’s currently a part time child care assistant at Bright Horizons. Post-graduation she intends on working full time for a year before returning to school to pursue a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) for counseling.  “My goal is to be among the greatest black psychologists in the world,” says Jennifer.



Keivon Hemmings

Keivon Hemmings of Newark, NJ is a Music major double concentrating in Music Production and Music Industry. He has a 3.03 GPA. He received Dean’s List status during freshman year.

At Ramapo, Keivon is a Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassador (RASA), a Resident Assistant, and part of the Ramapo Concert Band. He helps to lead RASA moving forward by training eager tour guides and learning as much about the school as possible.  He also assists residents in the College Park Apartments by lending a helping hand, being an available face in and out of the office, and putting on various programs for the community.

Keivon has also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and other community efforts outside of campus. He plans to be successful in the music industry on the business or production side and hopes to work for a company such as Billboard, Spotify, or MTV.

Meera Patel

Meera Patel is a first-generation student and the first person in her family to pursue a bachelor’s degree. She is a Finance major from Mahwah, NJ who has a strong passion toward helping the less fortunate. She volunteers and has helped raise money and awareness for homeless, abandoned, and abused youth.

2016 Recipients

Frank Albergo

Frank Albergo of Metuchen, NJ is a Psychology major with minors in Substance Abuse and Public Policy. Frank is a brother of Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law) and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternities.

At Ramapo, Frank has been active in several activities, including the Student Government (SGA), Wrestling Club and Interfraternity Council. Frank has also served as Senate President for the SGA and President of Phi Alpha Delta.

Kevin Hurtado

Kevin Hurtado of Paterson, NJ is an International Studies major with a minor in Human Rights and Genocide Studies.

Kevin is a member of the Diversity Action Committee Student Club and the Women’s Center. He formerly worked as a Program Coordinator for the Women’s Center where he created programming focused on combatting sexual assault and interpersonal violence on campus. He currently serves as the president of Diversity Action Committee Student Club.

Off campus, Kevin was a marketing intern for the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation in NYC and a congressional intern for Congressman Charles Rangel in Washington, DC through the prestigious Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s summer program.

Gabriella Prieto

Gabriella Prieto of Lyndhurst, NJ is a Communications major with a concentration in Global Communications and Global Media. She has a 3.6 GPA. Gabriella was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society, and Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society.

Gabriella is a member of the Creative Media Club and has served as Public Relations Chair of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Off-campus, Gabriella has volunteered for Genesis HealthCare Ridgewood Center.

Bristi Sarkar

Bristi Sarkar of Atlantic City, NJ is a Nursing major. She has a 3.65 GPA. At Ramapo, Bristi has been active in several organizations and activities, including Peer Facilitation and Residence Life. She is a Peer Facilitator for Ramapo’s Living-Learning Community, and also works as a desk attendant.

Bristi has been involved in off campus activities and organizations, including interning at a dental office and volunteering as an EMT. She received her EMT certification when she was a senior in high school and has been passionate about healing others ever since. Bristi hopes to become a Family Nurse Practitioner after her undergraduate education.

2015 Recipients

Wilson E. Quiceno

Wilson E. Quiceno of Morristown, N.J., is an information technology management major. He has a 2.80 grade point average.
At Ramapo, Wilson is a member of the Soccer Club, treasurer of the Association of Latinos Moving Ahead, a resident assistant of Mackin Hall and chapter president of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity. Off campus, he is a part-time IT technician, a position he obtained after completing an internship at the company.

Tamira Alston

Tamira Alston of Newark, N.J., is a psychology major. She has a 2.7 grade point average.


At Ramapo, Tamira is the office manager for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, a senior advisor for the Black Student Union and Ebony Women for Social Change. She is a member of Beta Kappa Sigma Black and Latina Sorority Inc. Off-campus, Tamira participates in community service projects and travels to urban areas to work with female youth.


Tamira plans to attend graduate school and would like to work for a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged youth.

2014 Recipients

Happy Debi

Happy Debi of Paterson, NJ is a Biology major. On campus, she is a resident assistant, peer facilitator and a clerical assistant in the Center for Reading and Writing. This past summer, Happy was a resident assistant for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and helped incoming freshmen enrolled through EOF transition to college. Happy plans to attend dental school and to become an orthodontist. “I have a passion for the dental field and I enjoy caring for others. I believe that a smile is the most beautiful quality in a person and I want the whole world to smile with confidence,” she said. Happy is grateful and honored to receive the scholarship. “As a first generation college student, receiving this scholarship provides me with the confidence and determination to continue to pursue my dream of becoming an orthodontist.”

Kelsey Kozak

Kelsey Kozak of Rutherford, NJ is a Social Science major with a concentration in Mental Health. She describes her immigrant father who died in 2008 as “an inspiration, a role model, a best friend, and most importantly, my one and only irreplaceable dad.” Kelsey wondered if she would be able to attend college because her family lived a sparse life. At Ramapo College, she decided to seek out every opportunity to make her life better. Kelsey is proud that she will be the first member of her family to graduate from college. “My past endeavors have inspired me to go into the helping and educational counseling profession,” she said. “Higher Education Administration is a field that I am determined to pursue in graduate school.” Kelsey has a 3.31 grade point average.

Jack Nesmith

Jack Nesmith of Jersey City, NJ is a Psychology major. He is a resident assistant for Laurel Hall, a peer facilitator and involved with Real Men of Ramapo Calendar. Jack serves as secretary of Rho Alpha Sigma Honor Society for Resident Assistants and was included into the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society and Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society for Student Leaders. He plans to pursue a master’s degree and would like to be a counselor in a Student Affairs division of a college. In graduate school, he plans to explore goals toward improving society and becoming a mentor. “My goal is to help students find their passions in life and, as a professional, influence the next generation of student leaders,” he said. He said this scholarship helps him, “focus on getting my degree and joining the environmental movement to protect our planet.” Jack has a 3.09 grade point average.

2013 Recipient

Abdul Najjar

Abdul Najjar is from Moonachie, NJ and is in his sophomore year at Ramapo. His major is Theater and he has earned a 2.96 grade point average. Abdul is a graduate of Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, NJ.

2012 Recipient

Bethsaida Perez

Bethsaida Perez of Mexico City, Mexico is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Management. She is a league manager for Intramural Sports and a resident assistant in Bischoff Hall. In addition she handles public relations for the International Student Organization. This semester Bethsaida had an internship with SRSsoft, a company that specializes in electronic medical and health records. She also coaches Jersey Area Girls Soccer. The scholarship has allowed Bethsaida to lighten her financial burden. “ This has inspired me to help others and give back to the Ramapo community,” she says. ” Bethsaida has a 2.75 grade point average.

2011 Recipients

Jennifer Forde

Jennifer Forde of Dumont, NJ is a Psychology major who is in the process of transferring to the Nursing program. She would like to work in the pediatric or neonatal unit of a hospital and eventually, specialize in infant or toddler intensive care. “I am one of those individuals who will research information outside of class just because I find the material fascinating,” Jennifer notes. She is a member of the Nursing Club, has volunteered at Englewood Hospital and is a receptionist and infant caregiver at a chiropractic office. Jennifer has a 3.36 grade point average.

Jacqueline Thomas

Jacqueline Thomas is a junior majoring in Literature. She has earned a 3.90 grade point average. “More than any student I’ve taught, Jacqueline seems attuned to the subtlety and power of the English language,” says one literature professor. “In her research and her writing, she also seems aware of how language connects, separates and constructs us within history and culture.” Jacqueline is from Emerson, NJ.

2010 Recipient

Kristen Potanka

Kristen Potanka of Wanaque, NJ is a senior majoring in Sociology. She is focusing on family and generational patterns. Her senior thesis includes in-depth research on the gender differences among Ramapo College students. Kristen is a resident assistant, and has received honors such as RA Rookie of theYear, Resident Assistant of theYear and Resident Assistant Best in Region. She’s also a member of the Residence Life Honors Association. In addition, she serves as president of Transfers Unite, a club she co-founded to address issues of interest to transfer students. She is a representative on the Student Government Association and is a Student Ambassador. Kristen, who has a 3.21 grade point average, says of her time at Ramapo, “Ramapo has helped me become not only a strong leader, but has let me use my creativity to benefit many students.”

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