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Sevanti P. Manandhar lost her mother in her early years, and was raised in India by her father, a British army captain. Her father was a committed community leader who worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions and education of young women and girls, and he was a major influence in shaping Sevanti’s worldview.

Sevanti earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from Punjab University and received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in the United States. After raising her children, she began working at the George T. Potter Library at Ramapo College, where she enjoyed interacting with and mentoring the student aides who worked there.

After her death in 2019, her husband Madhu and family created this scholarship to honor her positive experience at Ramapo and her commitment to the education of women.

  • Female international student and enrolled full-time in the School of Theoretical and Applied Science
  • GPA 3.5+
  • Financial need strongly considered but not a requirement

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2020 Recipients

Suvekshya Shrestha

“I believe that knowledge is power and education is the ultimate key to bring positive changes into the world. My motto in life is to keep learning and growing as a person,” says Biology major Suvekshya Shrestha. Suvekshya plans to continue her education in graduate school and conduct research on medicine, drug discovery and public health in her home country of Nepal.

She was awarded the CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award in Spring 2019 and has earned Dean’s List consistently. She also works as a student aide at the Registrar’s Office and a Biology tutor at the Math and Science Tutoring Center. Suvekshya has also been active in several organizations on campus, including the International Student Organization (ISO), Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry (CBC) Club and Naach Dance Club.

She has a 3.89 GPA.

Vanesa Getseva

Vanesa Getseva has been recognized for her academic achievements, including Best Paper award from IEEE at Columbia University, Most Outstanding Exhibit in Computer Science from YALE Science and Engineering Association from her home country of Bulgaria, and Dean’s List status at Ramapo.

The Computer Science major and Bioinformatics minor hails from a town called Shumen, and has a 3.89 GPA.

At Ramapo, Vanesa has been part of several organizations, including the Theoretical and Applied Science Research Honors, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society and International Student Organization. Vanesa has been actively conducting research in close collaboration with Ramapo professors Dr. A. N. Kumar, Dr. S. Frees and Dr. P. S. Bagga.

She has worked as a Research Intern on a team of software developers, bioinformaticians and statisticians for the Genome Open-source Breeding informatics initiative at Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University.

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