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The policies of Ramapo College, that are enforced by the Public Safety Department, are known to students, faculty, and staff through College publications including the Residence Agreement, the Guide to Community Living (for resident students), and the Student Handbook. Any violation of the Ramapo Code of Conduct is referred to the Office of Student Conduct. Cases are adjudicated through Disciplinary Conferences or Judicial Boards. If someone commits an act deemed threatening and/or dangerous, a College administrator, including designated members of the Public Safety Department and On-Call Administrators, can immediately affect an interim suspension from the College or from the residence halls alone. When serious violations of the law occur, the College alerts the Mahwah Police Department whose members may affect arrests. Criminal court cases may then result in addition to campus judicial system actions. Students are strongly urged to report crimes and violations of College policy so they and their fellow students are protected to the maximum extent possible.