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Ramapo College Foundation

Section Title:Executive
Policy Number:204
Policy Name:Ramapo College Foundation
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Responsible Unit:Ramapo College Foundation
Date Adopted:December 14, 1988
Date Revised:December 13, 1989; June 7, 1995; December 8, 2008; September 2013; January 2014



The Ramapo College Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the environment for teaching and learning by creating a partnership between Ramapo College and the community through the creativity, leadership and support of its members. All institutional fund raising efforts at the College must be coordinated through the Foundation and the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Reason for Policy

To set forth the role of the Foundation

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

All Ramapo College employees; external organizations; community members

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Ramapo College Foundation


Executive Director of the Foundation
(201) 684-7612


The purposes of the Foundation are to cultivate, solicit, and secure gifts, pledges and grants, offered by individuals, corporations, and foundations and to use such resources to enhance, support, promote and complement the mission of the College. The Foundation’s constituencies include alumni, parents, legislators, corporations, foundations and friends who are interested in the development of the College. The Friends of Ramapo and the Alumni Association are under the auspices of the Foundation.

The Friends of Ramapo, a group of area residents, not limited to Mahwah, shall expand communication and foster greater understanding between the College and the community. The Alumni Association shall promote goals, interests and ideals of the College and foster mutually beneficial relations among alumni, students, faculty, administration and staff. The Parents Council serves as an advisory group to the president.

All institutional fund raising efforts at the College must be coordinated through the Foundation and Office of Institutional Advancement. Management of the foundation is vested in the Board of Governors.