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Professorial Rank Ratios

Section Title:Administration and Finance
Policy Number:459
Policy Name:Professorial Rank Ratios
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:President
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost / Vice President of Academic Affairs
Date Adopted:October 25, 1995
Date Revised:May, 2005; August 18, 2010; December 13, 2010; February 27, 2012; September 2013; January 2014



There shall be a limit to the number of faculty holding Associate, Full and Distinguished Professor rank as stated below.

  1. Full professors and associate professors will not exceed 75% of faculty.
  2. The percentage of full professors and distinguished professors will not exceed 37.5% of faculty.
  3. “Faculty” shall be defined as the total number of budgeted tenure eligible positions and includes budgeted faculty lines, budgeted librarians I, II, III, the president, the provost/vice president for academic affairs, the vice provost and academic deans.

Reason for Policy

To set forth policy to ensure promotional opportunities over time, and to maintain an intellectually and competitively healthy academic environment. To also set forth policy to provide an effective balance of faculty resources and institutional flexibility, and to ensure stability and continuity of faculty leadership and program development.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

Faculty and academic administrators who are appointed with concurrent academic rank

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