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Name Change of Division, Unit, Program

Section Title:Administrative
Policy Number:617
Policy Name:Name Change of Division, Unit, Program
Approval Authority:President’s Cabinet
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Administration and Finance & Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Unit:Administration and Finance / Academic Affairs
Date Adopted:December 14, 1988
Date Revised:June 7, 1995; November 3, 2008; September 2013; January 2014



The creation, abolition, or name change of a division, unit, program shall be approved by the President’s Cabinet.

Reason for Policy

Sets forth the policy and procedure for creating, abolishing the name of a division, unit, or program

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

Any department/unit of the College that has been reorganized, reassigned or whose mission has fundamentally changed.

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Vice President for Administration and Finance
(201) 684-7621

Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs
(201) 684-7529


Proposals for name changes may originate with the supervisor of the unit or the division vice president. Names should reflect unit’s purpose, mission, and organizational/administrative structure.

  1. A written proposal is prepared by the unit head/vice president which must include the following
    • Current name of unit
    • Proposed name of unit
    • Reason for change
    • Implications
    • Public Relations Functions / staffing change and associated costs, if any
    • Space, furniture and equipment change, if any
    • Related cost – publicity, printing, web changes
    • Notification to State, if needed
  2. The proposal is submitted to cognizant vice president for approval, or, if originated by vice president, to the President’s Cabinet for discussion and endorsement. Additional information may be sought at either level of approval.