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Deposits and Retainage Accounts

Section Title:Administration and Finance
Policy Number:406
Policy Name:Deposits and Retainage Accounts
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Administration and Finance
Responsible Unit:Business Services
Date Adopted:May 14, 1980
Date Revised:June 7, 1995, September 2013, January 2014



Contractors doing major work on the College’s facilities, and users of the College’s facilities are required to place sums of money into either deposit accounts or have payment withheld as retainage to compensate for any damages incurred by them during the usage periods, or failure to complete the job correctly. Specific amounts for each will be set by administrative requirements.

These funds are held and accounted for separately in the college’s financial records.

Reason for Policy

Sets forth policy and procedure related to deposits and retainage accounts.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Contractors on the College’s facilities and users of the College’s facilities

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