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Candle and Incense

Section Title:Administration and Finance
Policy Number:623
Policy Name:Candle and Incense
Approval Authority:Chief Planning Officer
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Director of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
Responsible Unit:Administration and Finance
Date Adopted:September 22, 2009
Date Revised:July 19, 2011


Policy Statement

Flameless candles or incense (electric or battery operated) shall be the only acceptable method of lighted candles in all buildings on campus. Open flame candles and incense are not permitted in any campus building except for religious purposes only at the Salameno Spiritual Center.

Reason for Policy

Sets forth a policy that reduces the use of open flame throughout the college campus

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Ramapo College community

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Director of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
(201) 684-6803


Enforcement of Policy

The policy will be enforced by the State of New Jersey Fire Marshal for applicable provisions of the New Jersey State Fire Code and by the College Fire Marshal, Office of Public Safety and Office of Residence Life for applicable provisions of the College’s Policy.

Violation of Policy

A violation of the applicable provisions of the New Jersey State Fire Code will be issued by the State Fire Marshal via “Notice of Violation and Order to Correct” usually with 30 days to make corrections; then by penalties for violations that are not corrected with the time specified.

Any violations of the College’s Policy by students will be administered through Judicial Affairs. Violations by faculty and staff shall be administered in accordance with the College’s disciplinary policies and procedures in conjunction with the People Operations and Employee Resources Department.


Events, ceremonies and other functions held outdoors on campus or the Salameno Spiritual Center that include the use of flame lighted candles shall be acceptable provided the following precautions are followed:

  • Only “dripless” candles are used
  • Drip protectors/guards must be attached to all hand held candles
  • Hand held candles shall not be passed from one person to another
  • The participants shall keep a minimum of three feet distance between one another and thirty feet from College buildings and structures; enough distance to avoid burns to individuals and to avoid accidental fires in College buildings and structures.
  • Candles will be extinguished before exiting the candlelight service.
  • Suitable fireproof receptacles for extinguishment and disposal of the candles after the event shall be provided by the event organizer. An example of a suitable receptacle is a five gallon pail half full of water; or sufficient water to extinguish the candles.