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How can I get involved on campus?

A great way to get involved is to join one of the more than 100 clubs or organizations.  They include cultural, academic, religious, recreational, entertainment, political, social and special interest groups on campus. In the first week or two of the semester the Student Involvement Fair will occur.

Who is my advisor?

If you have a declared major, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor during your first semester. If you are undeclared upon enrollment, you will be assigned a professional advisor within the Center for Student Success until you declare a major.  Your advisors name and contact information will be listed under your Success Network in Connect.

How can I purchase books for my classes?

You have the option to either buy or rent textbooks. Many books are also available as digital books for certain classes. The Ramapo Bookstore is owned by eFollett. Visit their website and enter in your course ID numbers to determine what books you will need. You can also order your books using “Buy Books Now” after you register online.

Where can I find out what books I will need for my classes?

Students can access their required textbook listing by logging into web self-service.  Students must then click on “Student Services and Financial Aid”, select “Registration”, and then select “Buy Books Now from”.  This will automatically generate a list of the required textbooks based on your current course registration status. Students may choose to rent or buy books new, used or digital and may pick them up at the bookstore or have them shipped directly to their home address.

Are there any requirements/recommendations for student laptops?

Review the ITS information found at:

How many credits can I take during the semester?

To be considered a full time student, you must take at least 12 credits. Tuition and tuition related fees are calculated on a flat rate between 12 and 18 credits. Ramapo courses are four credits and most students take 4 courses a semester, so students average 16 credits a semester.  Taking 16 credits a semester, for eight semesters, will allow students to achieve the 128-credit requirement for graduation.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

Parking permits are available ONLY at All students must apply for a permit online. To apply for a parking permit, click link below and follow the Parking Permit Application Instructions.
To access the parking permit application:

  1. Log on directly to website at
  2. Enter Ramapo as your parking destination, then, click Submit.
  3. On the search: results page, click on Ramapo College of New Jersey.
  4. On the home: option selection page, click Apply.
  5. On the login page, read the Terms and Conditions statement and click I Agree. Then, enter your Email Address and Password. Then, click Continue.

To complete the parking permit application:

  1. Step 1: personal information: Complete all of the required fields. Then, click Continue.
  2. Step 2: select permit(s): Select the permit you wish to obtain by clicking on the appropriate BUY button.
  3. Step 3: vehicle information: Complete all required fields, then, click Add This Vehicle.
  4. Step 4: payment: Click Continue. The drop down menu should read: No Payment Necessary.
  5. Finish: receipt page: Click Finish.

Students will receive an email confirmation from confirming the creation of their account. Students will receive a second email confirming the order was approved. Students should go back into their account, select “MY” and click on the hyperlink of the order to print a temporary permit. The temporary permit should be placed on the dashboard until the permanent permit arrives in the mail. When a student receives the parking permit in the mail, they must go to to activate the permit.

What is Alert Me Now?

Alert Me Now is the system used to contact students in case of campus emergencies. This is done through text message, voice message, and email alerts. It is MANDATORY that you opt in or out of the Alert Me Now program. Log into Web Self Service and click the Alert Me Now to sign up where you can add up to three phone numbers.  Alert Me Now contact information will be completed during Orientation.  Please note that it must be submitted prior to course registration.

How can I access my bill?

Bills will be generated and posted to your student account through Web Self Service after class registration. Bills will not be mailed home.

When is the deadline for paying my bill?

All payment deadline information for each semester can be found on the Student Accounts website.

What is Roadrunner Central?

Roadrunner Central is a full service activities/events “store.” Students may purchase Shortline bus tickets, postage stamps, purchase AMC discount movie vouchers, and obtain discount coupons for Broadway theater productions and other events. Students may also sign up for Student Activities sponsored events.

What is J. Lee’s?

J.Lee’s is a student activities lounge on the second floor of the Scott Student Center Annex. It is equipped with wide screen televisions, audio video equipment and comfortable furniture. Services include a variety of magazines, free popcorn and bottled water, board games, pool, ping-pong, and air hockey. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to sponsor events in J.Lee’s.

What is the Ramapo Advantage Program?

This program allows students to go to different eateries and businesses off-campus and use their student ID to receive discounts on food and items. The list of businesses can be found on Ramapo’s website.