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How can I stay informed?

Arch Connection: Parents Edition is a monthly newsletter e-mailed to parents and family members of current students. Each issue includes updates on academics, social events, campus policies and college achievements. Photos and hyperlinks are provided to direct readers to further information, including highlights on the Ramapo College website. Parents and family members can sign up for the newsletter during the check-in process at orientation, or online by clicking here.

How can my student purchase textbooks for their classes?

You have the option to either buy or rent textbooks. Some of the books are also available as eBooks for certain classes. The Ramapo Bookstore is owned by eFollett. Visit their website and enter in your R# or course ID numbers to determine what books you will need. You can order your books using “Buy Books Now” after you register online. Click here for a coupon for one apparel, gift or supply item from the bookstore!

Are there any requirements/recommendations for student laptops?

Review the ITS information found at:

How many credits can my student take during the semester?

To be considered a full time, students must take at least 12 credits. Tuition and tuition related fees are calculated on a flat rate between 12 and 18 credits.  Ramapo courses are four credits and most students take 4 courses a semester, so students average 16 credits a semester.  Taking 16 credits a semester, for eight semesters, will allow students to achieve the 128-credit requirement for graduation.

What safety measures are taken on campus?

Ramapo College is committed to keeping your student safe. We are actively involved in developing an institution wide emergency preparedness plan. We provide numerous resources that enable us to react to any type of emergency.  Alert Me Now is the primary system used to contact students in case of campus emergencies. This is done through text message, voice message, and email alerts. It is MANDATORY that students opt in or out of the Alert Me Now program.

How can I access the bill?

Bills will be generated and posted to the online student account once your student has registered for courses. Bills will not be mailed home.

When is the deadline for paying the bill?

Payment deadlines and information for each semester can be found on the Student Accounts Website.

What resources are available for struggling students?

If a student is struggling with a particular course, the instructor of the course is the best source of help.  Students can talk with instructors before or after class, visit them in their office, or contact them via e-mail.  Their academic advisor is also available either by making an appointment or by attending Student Success – Academic Advisement walk-in hours.  Additional academic resources include the Center for Reading and Writing and the Math and Science tutoring center.

Where is assistance available for students with disabilities?

The Office of Specialized Services facilitates equal access to the programs and activities at Ramapo College for students with documented physical, sensory, learning, or psychological disabilities.

Students must initiate contact with this office in order to receive services or to arrange appropriate accommodations and/or academic adjustments.  Comprehensive documentation of a disability from a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or certified learning disabilities specialist must be submitted in order to establish eligibility and to determine which accommodations and/or adjustments are appropriate for each student.

Are there opportunities for scholarship throughout my student’s academic career?

Undergraduate scholarship opportunities exist for both incoming and continuing students at Ramapo College.

Provost Scholarships and General scholarships are available for continuing students. Provost Scholarships are for continuing students with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  There are also hundreds of General Scholarships provided by organizations, corporations, alumni and friends of the College. General Scholarships are added throughout the year and are listed here by School and Area of Interest.