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Parents & Families Orientation

The Center for Student Success strongly encourages parents and family members to join their students during their in person orientation and advisement session and explore all of the New Student Orientation materials that are provided including our virtual modules designed just for you!

The Parent and Family Orientation Module for Spring 2023 will go live November 1st! The online module is full of resources to help you guide your student through their transition to Ramapo College.  These resources will be available for you throughout your students’ Ramapo career.

In this online module you will also find quick links to campus resources, contact lists and FAQs.

To access your orientation module ON OR AFTER NOVEMBER 1ST:

  • Step 1: Go to:
  • Step 2: Create an Account
  • Step 3: Click on Welcome and Resources for greetings from Ramapo staff
  • Step 4: Click on Online Support Modules to learn more about assisting your student with their transition to Ramapo College.

Arch Connections: Parent Edition (Family Newsletter)

Arch Connections: Parent Edition, news from Ramapo College and the Foundation, is a monthly newsletter e-mailed to parents and family members of current students. Each issue includes updates on academics, social events, campus policies and college achievements. Photos and hyperlinks are provided to direct readers to further information, including highlights on the Ramapo College website. Parents and family members can sign up for the newsletter during the check-in process at orientation, or online by clicking the link below.


Fall Family Day

Family Day provides parents and family members with an opportunity to reunite with their students for a day filled with fun, food, music and activities. In addition to academic workshops and social events, family members will have a chance to get a sense of the campus and spend time together in the local community. Younger and older siblings are encouraged to attend Family Day and support the Roadrunners they know best. We hope to see you there!

Save the Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022

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