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What kinds of positions are available?

Among the positions offered to students last year were:

  • Academic Media Services
  • Admissions Tour Guide
  • Advisement Office Asst.
  • Art Gallery Student Curator
  • Athletic Training Assistant
  • Audio/Visual Technician
  • Budget Analyst Assistant
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Dark Room Assistant
  • Graphic Artist Assistant
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • ITS Lab Assistant
  • J. Lee’s Attendant
  • Library Assistant
  • Lifeguard
  • Peer Advisor
  • Research Assistant
  • Student Center Office Asst
  • Tutor

Where can I find a job on campus?

All student workers on campus are hired through the Student Assistant Program located in Room E-218.  All federal work-study and student aide positions are posted on Handshake.


What employment programs are available?

There are two major student employment programs with different requirements:

a. Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid award available to United States citizens and permanent resident aliens. Students apply and, if eligible, are awarded work-study that is based on individual financial need. FWS students may then earn up to the award specified by the Financial Aid Office during the academic year.

b. The Student Assistant Program is funded as part of the College’s operating budget and is based on institutional guidelines. Students who are United States citizens, permanent resident aliens or on F-1 visas are eligible for this type of employment.

Student aides are hired through program or project-based awards. These positions are generally ability-dependent (skilled), requiring a “fit” between position requirements and student abilities. Ability may refer to specialized knowledge, assignment familiarity, effective communication/interpersonal skills or willingness to comply with specific project and supervisory requirements.


How do I apply for student employment?

All students should search open positions through the Career Center job bank on Handshake and apply to the hiring units.

Students who feel they might be eligible for Federal Work-Study should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1st deadline. They will be notified by the Financial Aid Office if awarded Federal Work-Study.


How do I make an appointment on Handshake?

Download the instructions on how to make an appointment on Handshake.

How to make an appointment on Handshake.


How do I get hired?

There are several steps that must be followed to obtain an on-campus position. The Student Assistant Program staff will guide students through the required procedures.

The student must:

  1. Search open positions on Handshake.
  2. If hired by unit, visit the Student Assistant Program in Room E218.
  3. If never been employed by the College, present required documentation– Social Security Card, student ID or a photo driver’s license, completed W-4 and I-9 forms
  4. Receive necessary employment form and agreement
  5. Have forms completed by hiring supervisor
  6. Return forms to Student Assistant Program office

How will I know what my responsibilities are?

Job requirements and responsibilities are listed with each job posting on Handshake.   In addition, the Student Assistant Supervisor in each unit is asked to thoroughly describe work responsibilities to the student during the interview process before offering the job to the student applicant.


Can I earn academic credits for my on-campus work experience?

If a student’s position is of a pre-professional level, related to his/her academic studies or career goals and at least fifteen hours a week for the full semester, the student may investigate whether Cooperative Education/ Internship credits may be earned. For more information, Contact a Career Advisor in the Career Center.


May I change jobs if I don’t like mine after a few weeks?

No. When a position is accepted, the student makes a commitment to the hiring unit and supervisor for a full semester. At the end of the semester, a student who wishes to change jobs may check Handshake to see if other positions are available on campus.


How many hours may I work each week?

The maximum weekly work limit is fifteen (15) hours when classes are in session; twenty-nine (29) during breaks and vacations. Students in units with twenty-four (24) hour coverage (Residence Life, Public Safety) or extensive weekend schedules (Athletics, Berrie Center , Library, Student Center ) may work twenty (20) hours weekly. Students holding two (2) positions (tutoring positions in Center for Reading and Writing and TAS, ITS lab assistant positions and Berrie Center/Contemporary Arts combined positions) may also work a total of twenty (20) hours per week maximum.  Students may not work any more than six (6) hours consecutively without taking an unpaid break of at least 30 minutes (1/2 hour).


What happens during vacation?

During breaks, vacations and summer, twenty-nine (29) hours per week are the maximum hours which a student can work. These hours are contingent upon the provision for student supervision by the unit and adequate unit student aid allocations.


How do I keep track of my FWS hours?

FWS students are expected to maintain records of total hours worked and total earnings. The student supervisor will also be monitoring these earnings. The supervisor will be notified when their student employee is within $300 of their total Federal Work-Study award and the supervisor is required to notify the student when the total is nearing exhaustion.


How do I report the hours that I work?

Students follow unit sign-in and sign-out procedures and record hours worked on College’s web-based on-line time reporting system.  If the alternate form of time reporting is submitted for three (3) consecutive pay periods, student could face termination.


What taxes will be deducted from my paycheck?

The College is required by law to withhold federal and state income taxes if so dictated by the student’s W-4 form. Students are exempt from Social Security taxes (FICA) and Medicare taxes (MQFE) if they are enrolled at least part time (6 or more credits) during the academic semester. This exemption does not apply to students not enrolled in classes during the summer.


When will I get paid?

It generally takes four weeks for students assuming new positions to be paid–two weeks for students to work and submit time and two weeks for payroll preparation. After this period, students will be paid every two weeks as indicated in the published schedule if time worked is submitted properly according to the published schedule. Direct Deposit at the College is mandatory for all student employees, as per NJ State Law.


Will I receive training in my position?

Training is provided by the hiring unit.


Can I lose my job?

Yes. Students sign Employment Agreements accepting specific employment standards.

Automatic Cancellation:

  1. Student does not provide a social security card within eight weeks after applying for a number; proof of application is a requirement for employment
  2. Student reaches his/her FWS award limit
  3. Unit exhausts its student aid allocation
  4. Student is suspended (interim, academic, disciplinary, psychological) or dismissed (academic, disciplinary) from the College
  5. Student is unable to obtain permission to continue campus work after disciplinary or “interim” disciplinary suspension

Students may also be dismissed “for cause” from their positions for the following reasons:

  1. Misuse of confidential or privileged information
  2. Failure to reasonably carry out tasks required for position
  3. Failure to perform work in a professional, competent and diligent manner
  4. Failure to maintain full-time student status (students on F-1 visas) and full-/part-time status (U.S. citizens or permanent residents)
  5. Found guilty of acts of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, or other serious Conduct Code violations
  6. Misuse, misappropriation or theft of College property
  7. Falsification of College documents, time reporting, etc.
  8. Alternate form of time reporting submitted for three (3) consecutive pay periods
  9. Excessive tardiness
  10. Unexcused or excessive absenteeism

A student may request a meeting with the Student Assistant Program Coordinator if he or she feels that the dismissal is unjust. The Assistant Director will meet with both parties and make a decision which will be final. Students who are dismissed “for cause” will not be placed again until the next semester.  Future employment at Ramapo College will be determined on a case by case basis dependent upon previous history.


What if I’m injured on the job?

Students who are injured on the job should report immediately to Health Services. Public Safety should be called if assistance is needed. Students follow all College procedures for reporting injuries through the immediate filing of appropriate forms available in the Human Resources Office.


Are there other kinds of employment on campus?

Funding for student employees is occasionally available through faculty and administrators who are awarded grants by the state, federal government, foundations or private corporations. Students apply directly to these programs or supervisors for available positions. These positions could be posted on Handshake.

Also the Campus Bookstore and Campus Dining Service offer positions to students on campus.


Are there opportunities for FWS students at off-campus placements?

Yes. Federal Work-Study recipients who can provide their own transportation are invited to explore off-campus placements at community service agencies. These positions (up to twenty hours weekly) can be personally enriching while providing exposure to professional contacts which may be beneficial in furthering career goals.


How can a FWS recipient obtain an off-campus position at a community service agency?

Off-campus job opportunities at community service agencies can be arranged through the Federal Work-Study/Community Service coordinator located in Room E-210C. There is a financial incentive to compensate for the additional costs of transportation to off-campus locations.


What if I have other questions?

For questions concerning on-campus employment, federal work-study, and payroll:
Patty Migliorisi, Room E-210C, (201) 684-7224.