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Policies and Procedures

  • All United States citizens and permanent resident aliens must be matriculated, degree-seeking, full-time or part-time students at Ramapo.
  • All United States citizens and permanent resident aliens who seek FWS positions must file a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in the Financial Aid Office.
  • All international students must be full-time students (for USCIS purposes) to be eligible for consideration for student assistant positions. The only exception to this is during the student’s last semester or by the authorization of the International Student advisor.
  • You must maintain a valid F-1 status and enrolled in a full course of study during the academic year.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  • Students who have been suspended (interim, academic, disciplinary, psychological) or dismissed (academic, disciplinary) from Ramapo may not work on campus.
  • Students who wish to work in summer positions must have proof of fall registration. The Financial Aid Office has determined that August graduates may have a FWS summer award if deemed eligible.
  • The maximum weekly work limit is fifteen (15) hours when classes are in session; twenty-nine (29) during breaks and vacations. Students in units with twenty-four (24) hour coverage (Residence Life, Public Safety) or extensive weekend schedules (Athletics, Berrie Center , Library, Student Center ) may work twenty (20) hours weekly. Students holding two (2) positions may also work a total of twenty (20) hours per week maximum.  Students may not work more than six (6) hours consecutively without taking an unpaid break of at least 1/2 hour (30 minutes).
  • All student assistants (FWS students and student aides) must be cleared for work on campus by the Student Assistant Program Office before they begin their assignment. This involves a check on student status and all other required forms of employment documentation. International students must be full-time students (for USCIS purposes) and may begin employment 30 days before the beginning of the semester.
  • If the college is closed for an official holiday, students do not receive holiday pay for the days the College is closed.  Likewise, if the college or department officially closes for any reason (inclement weather; power outage) students do not receive pay for the work missed.  However, a student can work with their supervisor(s) to help make up the hours missed because of a closure.

Student Placement Process

  • All federal work-study and student aide positions are posted on Handshake. Students are able to view all open positions and apply directly to the hiring units.
  • The unit supervisor (or delegate) describes the position, responsibilities, etc. to student and makes a decision whether to offer the student the position.

The supervisor should adequately discuss:

  1. Job description and skill compatibility
  2. Starting date
  3. Schedule of weekly hours– never conflicting with classes
  4. Variations in schedule (mid-terms, exams, breaks)
  5. Expected conduct and dress
  6. Salary
  7. Responsibility for college facilities and equipment
  8. Confidentiality issues
  9. Procedures for signing in and out (timekeeping)
  10. Punctuality and attendance expectations
  • If a position is offered and if the student chooses to accept the position, the student and supervisor sign an employment form and agreement with beginning work date, salary, etc.
  • The student returns all copies of required paperwork (employment form and agreement) to the Student Assistant Program Office.

One On-Campus Job Policy

One On-Campus Job Policy


Required Employment Documentation

All student new hires must supply the Student Assistant Program Office with the following:

    1. United States Citizen:
      1. Valid Ramapo Student ID or photo driver’s license
      2. Social Security Card
      3. I-9 — completed
      4. W-4 — completed
    2. Permanent Resident Alien:
      1. Valid Ramapo Student ID or photo driver’s license
      2. Permanent Resident Card
      3. Social Security Card
      4. I-9 — completed
      5. W-4 — completed
    3. International Student:
      1. Valid Ramapo Student ID or photo driver’s license
      2. Social Security Card
      3. I-9 — completed
      4. W-4 – completed
      5. I-20 and Visa
      6. Tax Treaty determination

Employment Limits

Maximum Work Hours Hourly student employees are paid only for the exact hours worked and are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Fifteen (15) hours weekly is the maximum permitted when classes are in session, twenty (20) hours for students working in units with twenty-four (24) hour coverage, units with extensive weekend schedules or students holding two (2) positions as described in section H of General Policy. During breaks, vacations, and summer, twenty-nine (29) hours are the maximum hours which a student can work. These hours are contingent upon the provision for student supervision by the unit and the existence of adequate unit and student allocations. Students may not work more than six (6) hours consecutively without taking an unpaid break of at least 1/2 hour (30 minutes).

Earnings Allowed

  1. As previously discussed, if a student is eligible for financial aid based on need, the Office of Financial Aid will allot a specific award of Federal Work-Study that indicates the maximum amount that can be earned during the fiscal year.
  2. Students who are not eligible for FWS awards, but have been approved for student aide positions, will be allowed to work within permitted hours up to the unit allocation. The supervisor must be aware that heavy summer use and work during semester breaks by student employees using their student aid budget might negatively affect the ability to meet unit needs during the academic year.


Students will be paid according to the skill level of the position (Range).  Raise effective dates must adhere to the published payroll schedule. A raise is NEVER retroactive.


Termination of Employment

Cancellation of Agreement

  1. Automatic Cancellation (Termination Form Required)
    1. Student does not provide social security card within eight weeks after applying for a number; proof of application is a requirement for employment.
    2. Student reaches his/her FWS award limit
    3. Unit exhausts its student aid allocation
    4. Student is suspended (interim, academic, disciplinary, psychological) or dismissed (academic, disciplinary) from the College
    5. Student is unable to obtain permission to continue campus work after disciplinary or “interim” disciplinary suspension
  2. Cancellation for Cause–a position may be cancelled “for cause”. In problems with student work performance, tardiness or absenteeism, a supervisor must notify the student that he or she will lose the position if punctuality or performance is not improved. Should the undesired behavior persist, the supervisor must notify both the student and the Student Assistant Program of the decision to cancel or fire and complete a termination form.

Immediate dismissal is warranted for other reasons such as abuse of confidentiality, theft, time reporting falsification or other serious Conduct Code infractions. A student may request a meeting with the Student Assistant Program Coordinator if he or she feels that the dismissal is unjust. The Coordinator will meet with both parties and make a decision which will be final. Students found to be justifiably dismissed “for cause” will not be referred to another unit for the remainder of the semester.  Future employment at Ramapo College will be determined on a case by case basis dependent upon previous history.

“Cause” includes:

  1. Misuse of confidential or privileged information
  2. Failure to carry out tasks reasonably required for position
  3. Failure to perform work in a professional, competent and diligent manner
  4. Failure to maintain full-time student status (students on F-1 visas) and full-/part-time status (US citizens or permanent residents)
  5. Being found guilty of acts of racial discrimination, sexual harassment or other serious Conduct Code infractions
  6. Misuse, misappropriation or theft of College property
  7. Falsification of College documents, time sheets, etc.
  8. Excessive tardiness
  9. Unexcused or excessive absenteeism
  10. Failure to use web time (Alternate form of time reporting submitted for three consecutive pay periods.)

Resignation From a Position

  1. When a position is accepted, the student makes a semester-long commitment to the hiring unit and supervisor who then depends upon the student to perform the assignment during the hours and periods mutually agreed upon. Therefore, resignation from a position should only occur for a legitimate reason such as the need for more study time or an unresolvable conflict. The problem must be discussed with the Student Assistant Program Coordinator before resignation.
  2. Should the resignation request be approved, two weeks notice is required as it would be for any professional position. The Employment Form (Termination section) is to be sent from the unit to the Student Assistant Program Office.
  3. Failure to follow the resignation procedures may result in the student not being eligible for placement that semester.

Payment Policies and Procedures

General Policies

  1. Federal Work-Study students and student aides are hourly employees and will only be paid for the exact hours worked
  2. Only students who have submitted a completed Employment Form and Agreement and who have provided proper documentation to the Student Assistant Program will be entered into the payroll system to initiate payment.
  • The Compensation Schedule describes the range and pay rates for all positions.
  • Departments must adhere to the approved college pay rates and ranges. steps for raises.

Required Steps To Get Paid

  1. An Employment Form and Agreement as well as any other required documentation must be completed and on file with the Student Assistant Program before the student may begin work.
  2. Students must have Ramapo College Email address for the web time system. They must follow unit sign-in and sign-out procedures and record hours worked on the College’s web time system according to the bi-weekly payroll schedule.
  3. Supervisors review and approve the accuracy of students’ time by the scheduled payroll deadline.
  4. Designated unit staff must pick up checks for student assistants bi-weekly according to the published schedule. Unit supervisors are responsible for check distribution to students.
  • Payment of First Direct Deposit
    Students will receive their first direct deposit two weeks to one month after being properly processed. The student is paid two weeks after the end of a pay period.
  • Withholding of Taxes
    The college is required by law to withhold federal and state income taxes if so dictated by the student’s W-4 form. Students are exempt from Social Security taxes (FICA) and Medicare taxes (MQFE) if they are enrolled at least part time (6 or more credits) during the academic semester. This exemption does not apply to students not enrolled in classes during the summer.
  • Benefits
    Student assistants are not eligible to collect unemployment benefits nor any other institutional benefit from their campus position.
  • Work-Related Injuries
    Students who are injured on the job should report immediately to Health Services. Public Safety should be called if assistance is needed. Students follow all college procedures for reporting injuries through the immediate filing of appropriate forms available in the Human Resources Office.

Budget Policies and Procedures

  • Budget Allocation
    Units will be allocated a budget for the entire fiscal year that covers the period from July 1st through June 30th.
  • Transfer of Funds
    Units may arrange to transfer funds from their base budget or other sources to their unit’s Student Aid account to fund additional student salaries not covered by their institutional allocation. This transfer is done through established budget transfer procedures. The Student Assistant Program is informed of this transfer by the Budget Office.
  • Budget Monitoring
    Unit supervisors are expected to monitor their student aid budget allocations. Should a unit overspend its budgeted allocation, the College may offset this overage from the unit’s base budget. Each Vice President will be financially responsible for overspending of any unit in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Emergency Requests
    Emergency requests for student aid funds must be submitted in writing to the Student Assistant Program Coordinator.