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Assemblywoman Linda Carter Speaks with New EOF Students at Orientation

Assemblywoman Linda Carter addresses EOF students and staff at EOF orientation in an amphitheater-style classroom.

July 31, 2023

Summer is in full swing, and so is the Ramapo College EOF Summer Studies Institute.  The program affords participants the opportunity to live on campus for a five-week bridge program that assists students with the transition to college.

Assemblywoman Linda Carter takes a selfie with EOF students and staff.

Assemblywoman Linda Carter snaps a selfie with EOF students and staff.

Among the myriad of planned events and activities for orientation, Assemblywoman Linda Carter (D-22) visited campus to speak with students about the importance of getting involved on campus and in the community, noting that education is the key to long-lasting success. “Assemblywoman Carter has been a great example and role model for our scholars to better understand their ability to make positive changes at Ramapo and their home communities,” shared Dr. Nicole Videla, senior director of the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program & Student Success. “Our scholars have the power to break the cycle of poverty through higher education and community involvement.” Assemblywoman Carter shared her story to engage our EOF Scholars to better understand the impact of being engaged in their communities through civic engagement.

EOF was founded as a result of the communities response to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. The program was founded to create a more equitable environment for minoritized students to gain access and support services through higher education.