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Ramapo Experts Guide

Communications and Public Relations at Ramapo College offers a database of expert sources for use by press and media contacts who are seeking experts to quote when working on a variety of topics for news-related stories.

To coordinate an interview with a Ramapo College expert, please email or call Director of Communications and Public Relations & Deputy Spokesperson Lisa A. Ambrose ( or 201-684-7141). The College Spokesperson is Brittany A. Williams-Goldstein ( or 201-684-7609).


Lisa A. Ambrose
Director of Communications and Public Relations
Phone: (201) 684-7141

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Rikki Abzug, Ph.D.

Rikki Abzug

Professor of Management

Expertise: nonprofit organizations, organizational governance; social impact/social responsibility

Topic Categories: Business

Rajesh Adhikari, MPPM

Rajesh Adhikari

Associate Director of International Student & Scholar Services

Topic Categories: International Students

Nicole Morgan Agard, Esq.

Nicole Morgan Agard

Chief Equity and Diversity Officer

Topic Categories: Diversity & Inclusion

Rena Bacon, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Expertise: human physiology, immunology, biological and social effect of the HIV virus, environmental effects on the immune system

Topic Categories: Sciences

Michael Bitz, Ed.D.

Michael Bitz

Professor of Teacher Education

Expertise: elementary reading, technology in education

Launched literacy initiative called The Comic Book Project

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching

Caroline Brisson, Ph.D.

Caroline Brisson

Associate Professor of Engineering Physics

Expertise: engineering physics, fiber optics

Topic Categories: Sciences

Kathleen Burke, Ph.D., R.N.

Kathleen Burke

Assistant Dean of Nursing / Director of Master of Science in Nursing

Expertise: nursing education; nursing administration; international nursing initiatives

Was featured in the March 2018 issue of COMMERCE magazine’s Roundtable on Women’s Healthcare

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, International Students, Nursing & Healthcare

Suzanne Calgi, LCSW

Suzanne Calgi

Assistant Director of ENHANCE Program

Coordinates the ENHANCE program, which supports students with Autism Spectrum Disorder through various services and resources.

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, Disability Services, Diversity & Inclusion

Peter Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Theatre

Expertise: Theater history and criticism

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, History, The Arts, Theater

Lisa Cassidy, Ph.D.

Lisa Cassidy

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: feminist theory, bioethics, body shaming in the social media age

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Erick Castellanos, Ph.D.

Erick Castellanos

Professor of International Studies

Expertise: international studies, urban anthropology, Latino politics and culture, Latin American culture and civilization

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Diversity & Inclusion, Europe, Latin America

Dean Chen, Ph.D.

Dean Chen

Associate Professor of Political Science

Expertise: international politics, United Nations, U.S.-China-Taiwan relations, East Asia history and politics

Recent Interviews:
What the Xi-Kim Meeting Means

BookU.S.-China Rivalry and Taiwan’s Mainland Policy: Security, Nationalism, and the 1992 Consensus (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

Topic Categories: China, Culture & Ethnicity, Politics

Naseem Choudhury, Ph.D.

Naseem Choudhury

Professor Psychology and Neuroscience

Expertise: cultural nature of development; learning, cognition and teaching; language and cognition; neural development

Interviewed for several education special publications on the College’s Neuroscience program.

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching, Language/Language Development, Sciences

David Colman, Ph.D.

David Colman

Professor of African American History

Expertise: segregation, African studies, race

Topic Categories: African Americans, Culture & Ethnicity, History, International Education

Joseph Connell, M.S.

Joseph Connell

Assistant Vice President of Student Success

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Constance Crawford, MBA, CPA

Professor of Accounting

Expertise: Tax issues including current new tax legislation; financial reports and fair market value issues pertaining to the stock market; auditing issues and ethical procedures; graduate business programs; women as leaders

Topic Categories: Accounting, Business, Women & Gender

Angela Cristini, Ph.D.

Angela Cristini

Professor of Biology / Director of Educational Activities, Meadowlands Environment Center

Topic Categories: Environmental Science, Grants, Meadowlands Environment Center, Sciences

Rosina D'Angelo, Ph.D.

Professor of Italian

Expertise: medieval literature, renaissance, Italian culture

Topic Categories: Language/Language Development, Literature

Neriko Doerr, Ph.D.

Neriko Doerr

Expertise: Asian studies, globalism, Japanese culture/education, Native Americans, study abroad

Recent Interviews:
NJ's Native Tribes Understand the Importance of Telling Their Own Story

Topic Categories: Anthropology, Asia, Culture & Ethnicity, East Asia, Immigration, International Education, Oceania

Lawrence D’Antonio, Ph.D.

Lawrence DAntonio

Professor of Math

Expertise: probabilities and statistics, history and use of Roman numerals

Topic Categories: Mathematics, Statistics

Scott Frees, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: data science, virtual reality, human-computer interaction

Topic Categories: Artificial Intelligence/Technology

Judith Green, Psy.D.

Judith Green

Director of The Center for Health & Counseling

Topic Categories: Counseling, Mental Health, Student Healthcare & Wellness, Substance Abuse

John Gronbeck-Tedesco, Ph.D.

John Gronbeck-Tedesco

Associate Professor of American Studies

Expertise: U.S. and Latin American politics, Cuban relations

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Immigration, Latin America

Cathy Hajo, Ph.D.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Director of Jane Addams Papers Project

Expertise: Jane Addams Papers, women's history, digital humanities

Topic Categories: History, Women & Gender

Susan Hangen, Ph.D.

Susan Hangen

Interim VIce Provost / Academic Programs

Expertise: anthropology, international studies, ethnic politics and social movements in Nepal

Topic Categories: Anthropology, Career Preparation, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education, South Asia

Karl Johnson, Ph.D.

Karl Johnson

Associate Professor of African American Studies

Expertise: African Diaspora, black urban culture and history, U.S. foreign relations toward Africa

Topic Categories: Africa, African Americans, Culture & Ethnicity, History

Pinar Kayaalp, Ph.D.

Pinar Kayaalp

Professor of Middle Eastern & Islamic History

Expertise: women in the Middle East, Islamic art and architecture

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Immigration, Middle East, Women & Gender

Kristin Kenneavy, Ph.D.

Kristin Kenneavy

Associate Professor of Sociology

Expertise: statistics

Topic Categories: Statistics

Yvette Kisor, Ph.D.

Professor of Literature

Expertise: major authors—Chaucer, Tolkien; Middle English, British literature

Topic Categories: Literature

Eileen Klein, Ph.D.

Eileen Klein

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: mental health

Topic Categories: Mental Health

Aaron van Klyton, Ph.D.

Aaron Van Klyton

Assistant Professor of International Business

Expertise: technology change and culture, mobile banking, internet governance

Topic Categories: Business

Sarah Koenig, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of American Studies

Expertise: Native American religion and history, American West, gender and material culture

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Native Americans, Religion, Women & Gender

Amruth Kumar, Ph.D.

Amruth Kumar

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: artificial intelligence, programming languages

Topic Categories: Artificial Intelligence/Technology

Tae Kwak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History ( East Asian )

Expertise: Korean history, Japanese history, Cold War history

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, East Asia, History

Patricia Laprey, M.A.

Patricia Laprey

Director of Degree Completion

Topic Categories: Adult Learners, Degree Completion, Returning Adults

Stephen Larson, Ph.D.

Stephen Larson

Professor of Finance

Expertise: retirement planning, insurance, personal finance, capital budgeting

Topic Categories: Finance

Huiping Li, Ph.D.

Professor of International Business

Expertise: China and business environments in Asia, strategic management, joint ventures

Topic Categories: Asia, Business, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education, Management

Aaron Lorenz, Ph.D.

Dean of School of Social Science and Human Services

Expertise: education, master’s programs

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, Education/Teaching

Lisa Lutter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Vocal Music

Expertise: vocal music performance, choral arrangement

Topic Categories: Music, The Arts

John McTighe, Ph.D.

John McTighe

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: human behavior, theory and practice in trauma

Topic Categories: Mental Health, Social Work

Sam Ali Mustafa, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Expertise: German history, politics of Europe (Brexit)

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Europe, History, International Education, Language/Language Development, Politics

David Nast, Ph.D.

David Nast

Director of Specialized Services

Topic Categories: Disability Services, Diversity & Inclusion

Benjamin Neill, DMA

Professor of Music Production and Industry

Expertise: business of music; electronic music

Topic Categories: Business, Music, The Arts

Julie Norflus-Good, Ed.D.

Julie Norflus-Good

Associate Professor of Teacher Education / Director, Master of Arts in Special Education

Expertise: serving the young child with special needs, methodologies for teaching across the curriculum, meeting institutional needs of exceptional children, education of behavioral disordered children

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching

Edward Petkus, Ph.D.

Dean of Anisfield School of Business

Expertise: marketing, consumer behavior

Topic Categories: Business, Career Preparation

Maya Poran, Ph.D.

Maya Poran

Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology

Expertise: women and gender

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Emma Rainforth, Ph.D.

Emma Rainforth

Professor of Environmental Science and Geology

Expertise: paleontology, geography of New Jersey

Topic Categories: Environmental Science, Sciences

Kathleen Ray, Ph.D.

Kathleen Ray

Associate Professor of Master of Social Work

Expertise: counseling

Topic Categories: Counseling

Christopher Reali, Ph.D.

Christopher Reali

Associate Professor of Music , Industry

Expertise: popular music, popular music studies, music history and the music industry

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching, History, Music

Peter Rice, M.A.

Peter Rice

Senior Director Constituent Relations

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Stephen Rice, Ph.D.

Professor of American Studies

Expertise: 19th century American society and culture, American labor history, technology and culture in America

Topic Categories: Higher Education, History

Amanda Roberti, Ph.D.

Amanda Roberti

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Expertise: public policy; gender, race and representation, reproduction rights and policies, NJ politics

Topic Categories: Politics, Women & Gender

Christopher Romano, Ed.D.

Christopher Romano

Vice President Strategic Enrollment , Outreach & Engagement

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Rebecca Root, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science & International Studies

Expertise: human rights in Latin America, genocide studies

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Holocaust & Other Genocides, Latin America, Politics

Edward Saiff, Ph.D.

Edward Saiff

Interim Dean of the School of Theoretical and Applied Science

Expertise: evolution, vertebrate anatomy and physiology

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, Sciences

Natalia Santamaria-Laorden, Ph.D.

Natalia Santamaria-Laorden

Associate Professor of Spanish / Coordinator of the Spanish for Health Care and Human Services Certificate

Expertise: Spanish literature, Latin American literature, Spanish for healthcare and human services

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Language/Language Development, Literature

Stephanie Sarabia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: substance abuse disorders

Topic Categories: Nursing & Healthcare, Social Work, Substance Abuse

Rowlett Neel Scott, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication Arts/Digital Filmmaking

Expertise: digital filmmaking, visual storytelling, world cinema movements

Topic Categories: Film, The Arts, Visual Arts

Mihaela Serban, Ph.D.

Mihaela Serban

Professor of Law and Society

Expertise: human rights, law and society, and Central and Eastern Europe

Topic Categories: Politics

Ira Spar, Ph.D.

Ira Spar

Professor of History & Ancient Studies

Expertise: ancient history, illegal trade in ancient artifacts in context of war

Topic Categories: History

Paula Straile-Costa, Ph.D.

Paula Straile-Costa

Associate Professor of Spanish

Expertise: Spanish language, Spanish literature, immigration/border politics

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Language/Language Development, Latin America, Literature

Stacie Taranto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

Expertise: women and American politics, gender issues, 1960s America

Topic Categories: History, Politics, Women & Gender

Jeremy Teigen, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

Expertise: American government, campaigns and elections; military, politics and society; voter behavior, veterans issues, veterans and political office

Topic Categories: Higher Education, Politics, Veterans/Government

Gladys Torres-Baumgarten, Ph.D.

Expertise: foreign direct investing, corporate social responsibility, business ethics

Topic Categories: Business, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education

Michael Unger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Expertise: American Government, U.S. Supreme Court, American political parties

Topic Categories: Governance, Higher Education, Politics

Melissa Van Der Wall, MPA

Melissa Van Der Wall

Dean of Students / Vice President , Student Well Being

Expertise: violence prevention, education, and student life policies

Topic Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, Student Life & Activities

Nikhil Varma, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

Expertise: blockchain technology

Topic Categories: Business

Leah Warner, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Psychology

Expertise: women and gender

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Eric Wiener, Ph.D.

Eric Wiener

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Expertise: avian ecology and conservation, restoration of wildflower meadows, environmental stewardship

Topic Categories: Environmental Science

Brittany Williams-Goldstein, Ed.D.

Williams-Goldstein, Brittany
Vice President for Policy, Research, & Governance | Chief of Staff & Board Liaison

Expertise: Public sector and not-for-profit governance

Topic Categories: Governance, Strategic Planning

Behzad Yaghmaian, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Economy

Expertise: immigration issues, including Syrian refugees issues

Topic Categories: Immigration, International Education, Politics