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Ramapo Experts Guide

Communications and Public Relations at Ramapo College offers a database of expert sources for use by press and media contacts who are seeking experts to quote when working on a variety of topics for news-related stories.

To coordinate an interview with a Ramapo College expert, please email or call Director of Communications and Public Relations Lisa A. Ambrose ( or 201-684-7141). The College Spokesperson is Brittany A. Williams-Goldstein ( or 201-684-7609).


Lisa A. Ambrose
Director of Communications and Public Relations
Phone: (201) 684-7141

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Rikki Abzug, Ph.D.

Rikki Abzug

Professor of Management

Expertise: nonprofit organizations, organizational governance; social impact/social responsibility

Topic Categories: Business

Rajesh Adhikari, MPPM

Rajesh Adhikari

Associate Director of International Student & Scholar Services

Recent Interviews:
Ramapo Community Gathers for Hindu Festival of Lights

Topic Categories: International Students

Nicole Morgan Agard, Esq.

Nicole Morgan Agard

Chief Equity and Diversity Officer

Topic Categories: Diversity & Inclusion

Rena Bacon, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Expertise: human physiology, immunology, biological and social effect of the HIV virus, environmental effects on the immune system

Topic Categories: Sciences

Michael Bitz, Ed.D.

Michael Bitz

Professor of Teacher Education

Expertise: elementary reading, technology in education

Launched literacy initiative called The Comic Book Project

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching

Caroline Brisson, Ph.D.

Caroline Brisson

Associate Professor of Engineering Physics

Expertise: engineering physics, fiber optics

Topic Categories: Sciences

Kathleen Burke, Ph.D., R.N.

Kathleen Burke

Assistant Dean of Nursing / Director of Master of Science in Nursing

Expertise: nursing education; nursing administration; international nursing initiatives

Was featured in the March 2018 issue of COMMERCE magazine’s Roundtable on Women’s Healthcare

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, International Students, Nursing & Healthcare

Suzanne Calgi, LCSW

Suzanne Calgi

Assistant Director of ENHANCE Program

Coordinates the ENHANCE program, which supports students with Autism Spectrum Disorder through various services and resources.

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, Disability Services, Diversity & Inclusion

Peter Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Theatre

Expertise: Theater history and criticism

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, History, The Arts, Theater

Lisa Cassidy, Ph.D.

Lisa Cassidy

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: feminist theory, bioethics, body shaming in the social media age

Recent Interviews:
Are Ethics for Suckers? The U.S. has a Complicated Relationship with Right and Wrong in 2019

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Erick Castellanos, Ph.D.

Erick Castellanos

Professor of International Studies

Expertise: international studies, urban anthropology, Latino politics and culture, Latin American culture and civilization

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Diversity & Inclusion, Europe, Latin America

Dean Chen, Ph.D.

Dean Chen

Associate Professor of Political Science

Expertise: international politics, United Nations, U.S.-China-Taiwan relations, East Asia history and politics

Recent Interviews:
What the Xi-Kim Meeting Means

BookU.S.-China Rivalry and Taiwan’s Mainland Policy: Security, Nationalism, and the 1992 Consensus (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

Topic Categories: China, Culture & Ethnicity, Politics

Naseem Choudhury, Ph.D.

Naseem Choudhury

Professor Psychology and Neuroscience

Expertise: cultural nature of development; learning, cognition and teaching; language and cognition; neural development

Interviewed for several education special publications on the College’s Neuroscience program.

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching, Language/Language Development, Sciences

David Colman, Ph.D.

David Colman

Professor of African American History

Expertise: segregation, African studies, race

Topic Categories: African Americans, Culture & Ethnicity, History, International Education

Joseph Connell, M.S.

Joseph Connell

Assistant Vice President of Student Success

Recent Interviews:
Ramapo College Expands Academic Advising to Improve Student Success

Earning College Credit at a Fraction of the Cost — Many NJ Schools Allow It

Ramapo College of New Jersey - Starfish

Establishing Campuswide Buy-in for Student Success Initiatives

Interviewed by Suburban Family magazine for an article on the best time for students to choose a major – not online

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Constance Crawford, MBA, CPA

Professor of Accounting

Expertise: Tax issues including current new tax legislation; financial reports and fair market value issues pertaining to the stock market; auditing issues and ethical procedures; graduate business programs; women as leaders

Topic Categories: Accounting, Business, Women & Gender

Rosina D'Angelo, Ph.D.

Professor of Italian

Expertise: medieval literature, renaissance, Italian culture

Topic Categories: Language/Language Development, Literature

Neriko Doerr, Ph.D.

Neriko Doerr

ANTH Adjunct

Expertise: Asian studies, globalism, Japanese culture/education, Native Americans, study abroad

Recent Interviews:
NJ's Native Tribes Understand the Importance of Telling Their Own Story

Topic Categories: Anthropology, Asia, Culture & Ethnicity, East Asia, Immigration, International Education, Oceania

Lawrence D’Antonio, Ph.D.

Lawrence DAntonio

Professor of Math

Expertise: probabilities and statistics, history and use of Roman numerals

Recent Interviews:
Why Do We Have a Leap Year Every Four Years? Blame Julius Caesar

Topic Categories: Mathematics, Statistics

Scott Frees, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: data science, virtual reality, human-computer interaction

Topic Categories: Artificial Intelligence/Technology

Susan Gaulden, Ph.D.

Susan Gaulden

Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Expertise: higher education, assessment, mathematics

Recent Interviews:
Rebuilding America: Staggered Schedules, Single Dorm Rooms My Be 'New Normal' for NJ Colleges

Topic Categories: Academic Affairs, Higher Education, Mathematics

John Gronbeck-Tedesco, Ph.D.

John Gronbeck-Tedesco

Associate Professor of American Studies

Expertise: U.S. and Latin American politics, Cuban relations

Recent Interviews:
League of Women Voters Presents 'Immigration in America Today'

Book: Cuba, the United States, and Cultures of the Transnational Left, 1930-1975 (Cambridge University Press 2015)

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Immigration, Latin America

Cathy Hajo, Ph.D.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Director of Jane Addams Papers Project

Expertise: Jane Addams Papers, women's history, digital humanities

Topic Categories: History, Women & Gender

Susan Hangen, Ph.D.

Susan Hangen

Interim VIce Provost / Academic Programs

Expertise: anthropology, international studies, ethnic politics and social movements in Nepal

Topic Categories: Anthropology, Career Preparation, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education, South Asia

Karl Johnson, Ph.D.

Karl Johnson

Associate Professor of African American Studies

Expertise: African Diaspora, black urban culture and history, U.S. foreign relations toward Africa

Recent Interviews:
Eighty years later, should 'Gone with the Wind' be gone?

Topic Categories: Africa, African Americans, Culture & Ethnicity, History

Pinar Kayaalp, Ph.D.

Pinar Kayaalp

Professor of Middle Eastern & Islamic History

Expertise: women in the Middle East, Islamic art and architecture

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Immigration, Middle East, Women & Gender

Kristin Kenneavy, Ph.D.

Kristin Kenneavy

Associate Professor of Sociology

Expertise: statistics

Topic Categories: Statistics

Yvette Kisor, Ph.D.

Professor of Literature

Expertise: major authors—Chaucer, Tolkien; Middle English, British literature

Topic Categories: Literature

Eileen Klein, Ph.D.

Eileen Klein

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: mental health

Topic Categories: Mental Health

Aaron van Klyton, Ph.D.

Aaron Van Klyton

Assistant Professor of International Business

Expertise: technology change and culture, mobile banking, internet governance

Topic Categories: Business

Sarah Koenig, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of American Studies

Expertise: Native American religion and history, American West, gender and material culture

Recent Interviews:
Are We Headed for Post-coronavirus Economic Disaster? Here is What Happened the Last Time?

100 Years Ago, Prohibition Arrived. But Did It Ever Really Leave?

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, History, Native Americans, Religion, Women & Gender

Amruth Kumar, Ph.D.

Amruth Kumar

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: artificial intelligence, programming languages

Topic Categories: Artificial Intelligence/Technology

Tae Kwak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History ( East Asian )

Expertise: Korean history, Japanese history, Cold War history

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, East Asia, History

Patricia Laprey, M.A.

Patricia Laprey

Director of Degree Completion

Topic Categories: Adult Learners, Degree Completion, Returning Adults

Stephen Larson, Ph.D.

Stephen Larson

Professor of Finance

Expertise: retirement planning, insurance, personal finance, capital budgeting

Topic Categories: Finance

Huiping Li, Ph.D.

Professor of International Business

Expertise: China and business environments in Asia, strategic management, joint ventures

Topic Categories: Asia, Business, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education, Management

Aaron Lorenz, Ph.D.

Dean of School of Social Science and Human Services

Expertise: education, master’s programs

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, Education/Teaching

Lisa Lutter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Vocal Music

Expertise: vocal music performance, choral arrangement

Topic Categories: Music, The Arts

John McTighe, Ph.D.

John McTighe

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: human behavior, theory and practice in trauma

Topic Categories: Mental Health, Social Work

Sam Ali Mustafa, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Expertise: German history, politics of Europe (Brexit)

Recent Interviews:
How the World War I Armistice is Still Influencing How You Talk, Eat and Exercise

Book: Germany in the Modern World: A New History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2011)

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Europe, History, International Education, Language/Language Development, Politics

David Nast, Ph.D.

David Nast

Director of Specialized Services

Recent Interviews:
More Students With Disabilities Going to College

The Holidays Have Gone to the Dogs

Topic Categories: Disability Services, Diversity & Inclusion

Benjamin Neill, DMA

Professor of Music Production and Industry

Expertise: business of music; electronic music

Recent Interviews:

Ben Neill Presents 'Fantini Futuro.'

Trumpet-based New Music

Topic Categories: Business, Music, The Arts

Hassan Nejad, Ph.D.

Expertise: Middle East politics, international law, United Nations

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Middle East, Politics

Julie Norflus-Good, Ed.D.

Julie Norflus-Good

Associate Professor of Teacher Education / Director, Master of Arts in Special Education

Expertise: serving the young child with special needs, methodologies for teaching across the curriculum, meeting institutional needs of exceptional children, education of behavioral disordered children

Recent Interviews:
Addressing the Need for Special Education Teachers in New Jersey

Has discussed special education in New Jersey for several trade publications as well as daily newspapers.

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching

David C. Oh, Ph.D.

David C. Oh

Professor Communications Arts , Media Studies

Expertise: Asian/Asian-American representation and Korean pop culture/transnationalism

Recent Interviews:
Asian Representation in Hollywood: 'We're getting there'

Topic Categories: Asia, Culture & Ethnicity, Diversity & Inclusion

Edward Petkus, Ph.D.

Dean of Anisfield School of Business

Expertise: marketing, consumer behavior

Topic Categories: Business, Career Preparation

Maya Poran, Ph.D.

Maya Poran

Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology

Expertise: women and gender

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Emma Rainforth, Ph.D.

Emma Rainforth

Professor of Environmental Science and Geology

Expertise: paleontology, geography of New Jersey

Topic Categories: Environmental Science, Sciences

Kathleen Ray, Ph.D.

Kathleen Ray

Associate Professor of Master of Social Work

Expertise: counseling

Topic Categories: Counseling

Christopher Reali, Ph.D.

Christopher Reali

Associate Professor of Music , Industry

Expertise: popular music, popular music studies, music history and the music industry

Topic Categories: Education/Teaching, History, Music

Peter Rice, M.A.

Peter Rice

Senior Director Constituent Relations

Recent Interviews:
Wayne Guidance Counselor Honored By Ramapo College

Interviewed by Suburban Family magazine on Ramapo’s comparison to a private school at an affordable price – not online

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Stephen Rice, Ph.D.

Professor of American Studies

Expertise: 19th century American society and culture, American labor history, technology and culture in America

Topic Categories: Higher Education, History

Amanda Roberti, Ph.D.

Amanda Roberti

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Expertise: public policy; gender, race and representation, reproduction rights and policies, NJ politics

Recent Interviews:
Opinion: Alabama's Abortion Ban Forced the United States to Finally Wake Up

Topic Categories: Politics, Women & Gender

Christopher Romano, Ed.D.

Christopher Romano

Vice President Strategic Enrollment , Outreach & Engagement

Recent Interviews:
How NJ Colleges Are Planning for Fall Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

With Campus Visits Suspended, High School Seniors Turn Elsewhere to Learn About Colleges

N.J. College Rankings: Which Schools Are At the Top of Their Class?

Culture Change First, Then Student Success

Establishing Campuswide Buy-in for Student Success Initiatives

Ramapo College of New Jersey Expands Academic Advising to Improve Student Success

Ramapo College Named 2016 Education Advances Award Winner

Interviewed by numerous publications, including The Record, about college admissions, enrollment management, branding and student affairs topics.

Topic Categories: Admissions/Student Success, College Preparation

Rebecca Root, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science & International Studies

Expertise: human rights in Latin America, genocide studies

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Holocaust & Other Genocides, Latin America, Politics

Edward Saiff, Ph.D.

Edward Saiff

Interim Dean of the School of Theoretical and Applied Science

Expertise: evolution, vertebrate anatomy and physiology

Topic Categories: Career Preparation, Sciences

Natalia Santamaria-Laorden, Ph.D.

Natalia Santamaria-Laorden

Associate Professor of Spanish / Coordinator of the Spanish for Health Care and Human Services Certificate

Expertise: Spanish literature, Latin American literature, Spanish for healthcare and human services

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Language/Language Development, Literature

Stephanie Sarabia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Social Work

Expertise: substance abuse disorders

Topic Categories: Nursing & Healthcare, Social Work, Substance Abuse

Stephanie Scheeler, B.A.

Director of Special Events and Presidential Facilities

Expertise: event planning and management, higher education traditions and ceremonies

Topic Categories: Higher Education

Rowlett Neel Scott, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication Arts/Digital Filmmaking

Expertise: digital filmmaking, visual storytelling, world cinema movements

Recent Interviews:

Will These Paperback Classics be Hits at the Box Office in 2020?

Game Changers: 'Star Wars' Turns 40. Not Everybody is Celebrating

Topic Categories: Film, The Arts, Visual Arts

Mihaela Serban, Ph.D.

Mihaela Serban

Professor of Law and Society

Expertise: human rights, law and society, and Central and Eastern Europe

Topic Categories: Politics

Ira Spar, Ph.D.

Ira Spar

Professor of History & Ancient Studies

Expertise: ancient history, illegal trade in ancient artifacts in context of war

Topic Categories: History

Paula Straile-Costa, Ph.D.

Paula Straile-Costa

Associate Professor of Spanish

Expertise: Spanish language, Spanish literature, immigration/border politics

Topic Categories: Culture & Ethnicity, Language/Language Development, Latin America, Literature

Stacie Taranto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

Expertise: women and American politics, gender issues, 1960s America

Recent Interviews:
The Senate Health Care Battle Isn't What You Think

Topic Categories: History, Politics, Women & Gender

Jeremy Teigen, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

Expertise: American government, campaigns and elections; military, politics and society; voter behavior, veterans issues, veterans and political office

Interviewed in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, New York Times and national newspapers about veterans affairs, elections and the impact of female veterans on elected offices across the country.

'No Systematic Advantage': Military veteran Candidates Fare No Better Than Civilians at Ballot Box

Book: Why Veterans Run: Military Service in American Presidential Elections, 1789-2016 (2017)

Topic Categories: Higher Education, Politics, Veterans/Government

Gladys Torres-Baumgarten, Ph.D.

Expertise: foreign direct investing, corporate social responsibility, business ethics

Topic Categories: Business, Culture & Ethnicity, International Education

Michael Unger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Expertise: American Government, U.S. Supreme Court, American political parties

Topic Categories: Governance, Higher Education, Politics

Melissa Van Der Wall, MPA

Melissa Van Der Wall

Dean of Students / Vice President , Student Well Being

Expertise: violence prevention, education, and student life policies

Recent Interviews:
NJ Colleges Fight Growing Hunger Among Students by Opening Campus Food Pantries

Ramapo College Dean of Students Melissa Van Der Wall Honored by YWCA of Northern New Jersey

Topic Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, Student Life & Activities

Nikhil Varma, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

Expertise: blockchain technology

Topic Categories: Business

Leah Warner, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Psychology

Expertise: women and gender

Topic Categories: Women & Gender

Eric Wiener, Ph.D.

Eric Wiener

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Expertise: avian ecology and conservation, restoration of wildflower meadows, environmental stewardship

Topic Categories: Environmental Science

Brittany Williams-Goldstein, Ed.D.

Williams-Goldstein, Brittany
Vice President for Policy, Research, & Governance | Chief of Staff & Board Liaison

Expertise: Public sector and not-for-profit governance

Topic Categories: Governance, Strategic Planning

Behzad Yaghmaian, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Economy

Expertise: immigration issues, including Syrian refugees issues

Topic Categories: Immigration, International Education, Politics