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All calls from the media concerning a Ramapo College matter should be immediately referred to Dr. Brittany A. Williams-Goldstein, Chief of Staff and College Spokesperson, at 201-684-7609 or

The College Spokesperson determines on behalf of the College what information is to be released and who is the most appropriate person to provide it. Under normal circumstances, and especially during a crisis situation, no campus member should speak with the media without contacting the Spokesperson.

Angela Daidone, Public Relations Specialist in the Office of Marketing and Communications, also is a contact person for media matters. She can be reached at 201-684-7477 or

When to Contact the College Spokesperson:

  • If you are contacted by the media in your capacity as a Ramapo College employee
  • If you anticipate that a College matter may attract media attention

When to Contact the Public Relations Specialist:

  • If you are unable to connect to the College Spokesperson on either of the two fronts noted above
  • If you are the recipient of a major award or grant
  • If you are the director/convener of a new academic program or initiative
  • If you have outstanding, newsworthy information about a student or alumnus
  • If you are responsible for a major event or an international, national or regional conference to be held on campus

Public Relations Specialist
Angela Daidone
(201) 684-7477

College Spokesperson
Brittany Williams-Goldstein
(201) 684-7609



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