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Program Overview

  • 30 credit Business Majors 4+1 Program
  • 42 credit Non-Business Majors
  • 4+1 students can complete the program in as little as 12-months
  • Choose your own specialization
  • Class are offered online, on-campus and in a hybrid format
  • Selective use of “lecture capture” technologies to deal with unavoidable student absences from on-campus classes
  • Flexible scheduling, complete the degree at your own pace

Other unique aspects of the program include:

  • Significant emphasis on leadership (6 credits);
  • Global business emphasis including a nine-day international immersion experience in China;
  • Professional skills training delivered through seminars and individual career coaching sessions;
  • Hands-on learning that prepares students to effectively manage teams
  • Potential for paid part or full-time internships with local area businesses

Q. How long will it take me to get my MBA?

A. 4+1 students complete 30 credits in as little as 12 months; non-business majors complete the program in less than 24 months

Q. I have a liberal arts undergraduate degree – is the program for me?

A. Yes.  We welcome all liberal arts majors!  Non-business students complete six 2-credit foundational courses designed to ensure that they have the knowledge to succeed in the core MBA classes.

Q. I have a business undergraduate degree – can I waive any of the courses?

A. Business majors may qualify for “Advanced Standing,” eliminating 12 credits and reducing the time and cost of the degree.

Q. I have a business undergraduate degree – will this program be a repeat of what I learned there?

A. No. Graduate education is very different than an undergraduate degree. The focus of this MBA program is on leadership, critical thinking, and international management. The level and depth of your learning is far more intensive and integrative.

Q. Can I take courses at my own pace?

A. Yes.  Enrollees choose the pace and create a work-life balance that suits their personal and professional needs.

Q. Is the International Immersion Trip required?

A. No. While students describe the trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity and an essential component of their global learning, the China Immersion trip is an elective.

Q. When and how often do classes meet?

A. Classes meet weekly during the evenings, typically on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Class modality varies but approximately half of the course are online.

Q. What if I miss a class for health or work reasons?

A. We strongly encourage students not to miss any classes but we recognize that it may be unavoidable.  When an emergency or conflict occurs, students can either connect remotely or request an audio link.  Attendance policy is determined by the instructor.

Q. What if I have to miss an entire semester?

A. Ramapo College will work with students to accommodate unexpected interruptions in their schedule. Students needing to pause or take a leave of absence must notify the Program Director of their intentions. No penalty is assessed and students can resume at any time.  The only requirement is that the degree must be completed within five years from the start date.

Q. Are the Professional Skills Seminars required?

A. No. Two of the distinguishing features of the program are the professional skill-building workshops and individualized coaching sessions.  The seminars cover a wide range of issues and skills, including communication, business etiquette, executive presence, and personal branding. Attendance is optional but recommended to optimize and extend classroom learning.

Q. Will pursuing an MBA be worth it economically – will it pay back more than it costs me?

A. Numerous studies have shown that earning an MBA is a financially rewarding investment when measured over the course of your professional career.

Q. Can I concentrate in a particular area (finance, marketing, human resource management, etc.)?

A. Yes. While the FLEX MBA program is specifically designed to provide broad-based training in all business disciplines and to prepare you to become a senior leader, students are required to complete three electives across a variety of topics.  Students who concentrate their choices within a specific business discipline will create an area of specialization.  Specializations are dependent on elective offerings which may change based on market demand.

Q. What do you mean by hands-on learning?

A. The MBA faculty utilizes case studies and simulation exercises to create a real-world learning experience.  Students work in teams to gain mastery of the material. Those choosing the China Immersion elective and the consulting elective gain valuable hands-on experience outside the classroom.

Q. Do you accept transfer credits from other schools?

A. No. However, undergraduate business majors with a 3.0 GPA may be eligible for Advanced Standing, allowing them to waive 12 credits.

Q. What are the requirements for admission?

A. The ideal candidate will have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and meaningful work or internship experience.  Students not meeting the above requirements but who can demonstrate exceptional potential through other means will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q. Is there career advisement support?

A. Absolutely.  There is a comprehensive program of career counseling including periodic seminars, individualized career coaching and job search support. Access to the Career Development Office extends to all of our MBA alumni.

Q. What is the total cost of the MBA program?

A. The per-credit tuition cost is $1,063 for students beginning in September 2019. The total cost for 4+1 students is approximately $32,000 and 45,000 for non-business majors, both figures include tuition and fees. Students selecting the Global Immersion elective are billed separately. Tuition is due at the start of each semester.  There is no additional cost for out-of-state students.

Q. Is there tuition assistance available from Ramapo?

A.  Yes. A limited number of scholarships are available to MBA students. In addition, some students may receive a full or partial waiver for the fees associated with the China Immersion trip.  The fee waiver is paid from available funds and awarded to accepted students based on their professional and academic merit and/or financial need.  Applicants who apply before the deadline as determined by the Graduate Admissions Office will be considered.  A separate application is NOT required.