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Program Review

What is Program Review?

Program review is the process by which instructional and non-instructional programs systematically assess themselves to ensure currency, relevance, appropriateness, and achievement of stated goals and outcomes related to student learning and institutional effectiveness. The Administrative Program Review Committee will be responsible for evaluating program reviews.

Program review addresses five core areas, with a final section for administrator comments and their reflections about the next steps:

  1. Data and trend analysis
  2. Outcomes assessment
  3. Program goals and rationale
  4. Program resources and support
  5. Program strengths/opportunities for improvement
  6. Administrator’s comments/reflection/next steps

Units Under Program Review Should:

Units undergoing program review should address the following ten indicators (most of this information has already been collected in WEAVE) that will facilitate gathering meaningful program indicators:

  1. What are the main objectives of your unit?
  2. How do you measure success in achieving them?
  3. What are the services that your unit provides?
  4. Which population (students, faculty, staff, donors, others) are served?
  5. List each position in your unit, and briefly describe the responsibilities of each. Include part-time and work-study student hours.
  6. Are there needs and demands for services that your unit cannot currently meet? If so, what are they, and how do they relate to the college’s mission?
  7. How could the college help your unit do its job better?
  8. In what ways does your unit relate to other units of the college, academic and non-academic?
  9. What skill sets and resources does your unit possess that can be shared with other units in slack times?
  10. Which individuals in your unit are cross-trained and in what areas?
  11. What resources do you need to improve your services to a superior level?
  12. What technologies are available to you to provide your services better? What training do you need to be more effective users of the technology?

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