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Rights & Responsibilities


Patient’s Rights

Any patient of Health Services has a right:

  • To be treated with respect, dignity, and consideration;
  • To be assured personal privacy, including protection from access to their confidential medical information, unless required by law;
  • To be assured that disclosures and records are treated confidentially;
  • To participate in decisions involving their healthcare whenever possible;
  • To competent, humane treatment with appropriate respect for their opinions and beliefs;
  • To refuse treatment or a referral;
  • To be informed of the personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and in maintaining their health and well being thereafter.

Patient’s Responsibilities

All patients have a responsibility to:

  • Provide complete and full information on their past and current health status and to cooperate in treatment planning and follow up.
  • Inform the medical provider of any changes in their health status that could affect their treatment;
  • Adhere to a prescribed treatment plan and to discuss any desired changes with the medical provider;
  • Act in a considerate and cooperative manner showing the same respect to the health care staff an they expect to receive;
  • Ask questions and seek clarification regarding areas of concern;
  • Weigh consequences of refusing to comply with medical instructions and recommendations;
  • Make appointments and be on time for appointments or to cancel appointments.