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Guidance on Face Coverings

Beginning March 28, 2022, the College will safely move forward as a face covering friendly campus.

Face coverings are required in the following situations:

  • Roadrunner with maskTransportation: Travelers on College vans, buses (College-operated and other), and any College-sponsored trips via air or train.
  • Healthcare settings: Health Services, Counseling Services, the COVID-19 Testing Center in Overlook Hall, the COVID-19 Vaccine site in the Pavilion, and when student-athletes are receiving medical attention via athletic trainers.
  • All classrooms and labs.
  • Any student, faculty, or staff who tests positive for COVID-19, is identified as a close contact, or is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Face coverings may be required in performing arts events/activities in the Berrie Center and certain events/activities that are situation specific. In these instances, the face covering requirement will be clearly communicated in advance.
  • Individuals with approved medical or religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine are required to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing to the extent practical.

Continue to carry a mask with you at all times in the event you are in one of the above situations.

Additional guidance on face coverings:

  • Outside of classrooms and labs, faculty and staff may determine their own direction for their office and meeting spaces in terms of whether or not to require face coverings.
  • Face coverings are encouraged in high occupancy settings.
  • The majority of the College is considered face covering friendly, which means that any person who wishes to continue to wear a face covering, may do so free from judgment. A face covering friendly campus recognizes that all persons determine what is best for them while being empathetic to the vulnerability and risk that those in our diverse community may be managing;