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The Birch Fellowship is a gift recognition society that recognizes leadership-level Annual Fund gifts, helping the College continue to build a solid foundation of support. Donors of $500 or more within a fiscal year make up the membership; there are four levels or “giving circles.”  Birch donors are invited to special events on campus. Demonstrating leadership by making a significant unrestricted contribution is a powerful, immediate, and essential statement that donors care about the success of future students.

Giving Levels:
$500 – $999: Scholar’s Society
$1,000 – $2,499: Cabinet’s Society
$2,500 – $4,999: President’s Council
$5,000 and up: Trustee’s Society

Ways to Give a Leadership Gift

  • Split payments. Divide pledge payments over several months (i.e. monthly installments of $42).
  • Use your credit card to set up automated recurring payments online. Decide the amount to be charged and the time frame of your gift. There are no checks to write and no reminder letters.
  • Find out if your employer matches gifts, your contribution could double, or even triple, in value.

For more information, contact Dawn Lozada, Director of the Annual Fund at or (201) 684 7141.