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Faculty & Staff Gifts

Faculty & Staff: Join Us!
It takes a strong community to make great things happen.

 Gifts from our faculty/staff help to maintain and enhance a challenging curriculum, facilitate the creation of innovative programs, provide scholarship assistance to deserving students, and also help to enhance our facilities and technology.  A high level of faculty/staff participation demonstrates a vote of confidence in Ramapo because it shows your pride and helps keep the College strong for future graduates.

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There is no minimum to participate.  The only gift too small is no gift at all.
Our collective support can truly make a difference.  
There are 4 ways to give:

Payroll Deduction:
Have your gift automatically come out of your paycheck. Fill out the form now.

Submit a check made payable to the Ramapo College Foundation.

If you would like to make a pledge, contact Andrea Buser, Coordinator of The Fund for Ramapo College, at or (201) 684-6819.


Faculty & Staff Giving: Payroll Deduction Form

Faculty and Staff Giving: Payroll Deduction Form
20 Pay Periods:

$1/pay period = $20
$5/pay period = $100
$10/pay period = $200
$15/pay period = $300
$20/pay period = $400
$25/pay period = $500
26 Pay Periods:

$1/pay period = $26
$5/pay period = $130
$10/pay period = $260
$15/pay period = $390
$20/pay period = $520